Try-Ons #2: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Hooray, today all Nordstrom cardholders can shop the NSale!  Items sell out FAST, so be sure to have your Wishlist ready!  Check the PMT Ultimate NSale Shopping Guide for Tried & True Items and items I’ve already reviewed so that you don’t miss anything.  I just updated it with EVERYTHING I’ve tried, even things I haven’t shown here yet.  It’s also got some recs for Mens, Kids, Home & Beauty.  Check them out HERE!

The next big day to shop is August 19th, when EVERYONE (psst, that means all non-card holders!) can shop.  Be sure to have your list ready as well!

Today’s winner for the $100 gift card is Justyna.  Congrats!  I’ve got one more gift card to give away on August 19th, so sign up for PMT Emails to enter.

Again, thank you SO MUCH to those of you who shop through my links!  I earn a small commission if you do that (with no extra charge to you).  So, if my reviews or shopping highlights are helpful for you, I’d appreciate you shopping through the links here. It enables me to provide these reviews and roundups and help you build an awesome wardrobe, without costing you anything extra.  Thanks again!

Onto the next round of try ons!

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Business Casual Outfit: black v-neck tank + green tie-waist pants + leopard heels + gold leather earrings

Halogen Tie Waist Pants – size 6
I tried these pants last year, though in the wrong size (4P) because that’s all that was in store.  Glad I got to try them again!  Made of thick, feels-good material that also helps smooth out lumps and bumps. Cute tie waist steps up your work style. Great colors! Forest green, rust orange, and black.  Available in regular and petite (Though petite is mostly sold out in the green. Stocked in other colors.)

Paired it with the super comfy Vince Camuto Rumple Satin blouse.  Wearing size S.


Business Casual Outfit: red sweater + black ankle pants + leopard print loafers + gold fringe statement necklace

Halogen Sweater – size S
Great basic sweater for work!  Thick material with cute buttons on the sleeves.  Great sweater for under $29!  Comes in 5 solid colors and 2 prints (snakeskin and leopard print).  See them HERE.


Business Casual Outfit: black ankle pants + red sweater + gold fringe statement necklace + leopard print loafers

Kut From the Kloth Straight Leg Ankle Pants – size 4
OHMIGOSH, hi mirror smudge marks!  Courtesy of my 2 year old. 😆 Anyway, these pants are REALLY thick, plus they’re stretchy!  There’s a TINY bit of stretch in the waistband.  Not amazing, but better than nothing.  They’re a straight cut with a fairly flattering and slimming silhouette.  They don’t fall straight around my knees, so they’re not ideal for me personally.  But they might lay better on you, so they’re definitely worth a try!

Steve Madden Loafers – size 9
A few sizes are sold out, but these shoes were around last year also so they might come back.  These are a huge NSale favorite from others.  I think they’re fine-good. 😛  They’re good for the sale price, I’ll say that.  The upper is soft and flexible around the foot except for at the heel which is just a tad sharp and might irritate some people depending on how it fits at your heel.  There is no padding in the footbed, but the sole is flexible. And it’s got some rubbery traction.  Perhaps they soften up with more wear?  The print is a great, classic style, and you can wear it to work, or in a classic casual outfit with jeans.  Get them for the sale price!  I would definitely NOT pay full price for them though, personally.

Business Casual Outfit: blue sweater + black ankle pants + leopard print loafers + gold fringe statement necklace Business Casual Outfit: black ankle pants + blue sweater + gold fringe statement necklace

Halogen Gathered Shoulder Sweater – size S
This is lighter weight than the sweater in the previous outfit.  Better for the fall transition when it’s still a little warmer, early fall, and even the spring.  The sleeves are also 3/4, and it’s a bit shorter than the previous sweater.  It’s also got slight gathering at the shoulders for a cute touch!  Comes in 6 colors.  This is easy to dress up for work and style in elevated casual looks with jeans!  See the colors HERE.

Here it is with jeans:

Fall Jeans Outfit: blue sweater + skinny jeans + tan booties + gold leather earrings

Wearing it with my trusty Wit & Wisdom jeans (size 4) and Blondo WATERPROOF booties (size 9).  Both on sale!


Casual Jeans Outfit: white tee + button-fly skinny jeans + camo slip-on sneakers + gold leather earrings

KUT From the Kloth Distressed Jeans – size 4
, medium thick material that feels a little buttery in a good way. Size down–I wear size 4, AND they stretch out a tad after a few hours.

Paired those two with my white Caslon tee which is currently under $13! Great drape, but pretty thin and not great for concealing bumps.  Also somewhat see through. I wear it with a bra that matches my skin tone and you can’t really see through it once it’s on me. Might be different for different skin tones, not sure!  I wear size S.

Sofft Sneaker Mules – size 9
I reviewed these in Try-Ons #1 in black, but here they are in a fun camo print.  They run a tad narrow (too narrow for me, darn!!) but they are VERY comfy, made of leather, and have a cushioned footbed.  I wish they worked for my feet!  But you should totally try them if you want some comfy sneakers.  They come in black, taupe, camo, and a brown snakeskin HERE.

White Tee – size S
This is my favorite white tee from the last couple of years.  Under $13 on sale!  GREAT drape, but pretty thin which is not great for glossing over bumps.  Also it’s kind of see-through.  However, when I wear it with a bra that is the same color as my skin, you can’t see through it.  Not sure if that’s just my skin tone or WHAT, but it might work similarly for others while it might be totally see through for some.  It’s got some texture to it that helps.  Comes in lots of other colors though!  See them HERE.


Casual Fall Outfit: white tee + green cardigan + button-fly skinny jeans + tan booties + gold leather earrings

BP Cardigan – size XS
I showed this in my Try-Ons #1 post in orange, but wanted you to see it in the green.  This green color is fairly true to what’s on the website.  This is this year’s version of the cardigans I mostly wear all the time (the ones you all ask me about every fall/winter!)  I got them all during NSales.

I tried several other similar long cardigans and while I didn’t take pics of them, I want to review them for you and compare them to this BP one.  Here goes…

Madewell Kent Cardigan – size XS
This is almost twice as expensive as the BP cardigan, and while it’s cute and fairly lightweight…UGH it’s ITCHY.  The kind of itchy that feels prickly on your skin.  It has 300+ reviews with over 4 stars, but I don’t know why.  I guess other people aren’t bothered by the itchiness?  No thanks!  Would definitely rather get the BP cardigan and the Old Navy ones!

Caslon Open Front – size S, probably needed XS
This is a little shorter than the BP cardigan, in case those are always too long for you.  It comes in a REALLY cute pink/navy/oatmeal color block version, in addition to other solid colors.  However, I found this a bit itchy as well, unfortunately.  You can see the colors HERE and try it for yourself to see if it bothers your skin or not!

Leith Cozy Cardigan – size XS
This is VERY lightweight and extremely soft.  It’s pretty long, hitting around my knees.  It’s got gathering at the neckline for those who like that cozy feeling.  This runs huge (like all the cardigans) so be sure to size down a ton!  Comes in 8 colors HERE.


Elevated Casual Outfit: white tee + navy knit blazer + dark skinny jeans + nude flats + gold leather earrings

Caslon Knit Blazer – size XS
I’ve been mentioning this as a PMT Tried & True and PMTer FAVE item from years past, but I thought it’d be helpful for you to see it on me.  (This pic is from last year–I did not shop in store this year.)  This blazer feels like a SWEATSHIRT–super comfy and soft and easy to wear all day which is why people love it!  It runs a little large.  I like to size down to XS for a super fitted look, though it does make it harder to layer thicker shirts underneath.  Also, the sleeves might be short for some people, but I always scrunch them or fold them up anyway.  Comes in 8 colors HERE!


3 Maroon Sweater Outfits

Caslon Tunic Sweater – size S
This is another PMT fave from last winter, though it wasn’t part of the NSale.  Awesome that it is now!  It’s cozy but lighter weight, so it doesn’t feel super heavy to wear.  The side buttons are a cute touch.  I styled it 3 ways last winter HERE.  Comes in 6 colors HERE.

These pics are all from last year, but all the bottoms I’m wearing are part of the NSale!  I mean it when i say my favorite staples are in this sale!  From L to R: Wearing it with my Wit & Wisdom stretchy jeans w/ a stretchy waistband in size 4.  Then, Zella leggings for a more casual feel (size M).  Finally, Spanx Faux Leather Leggings for a dressy casual look (size M).  You can do outfit #3 with the statement necklace, but with the Zella leggings on bottoms for a COMFY outfit to work from home in and still look good on Zoom meetings!  Add the statement necklace for the call, and take it off otherwise.


Loungewear Outfit: grey fleece hoodie + black leggings + blush sneakers + metallic leather earrings

North Face Fleece – size M
Cozy, sporty fleece.  I got this last year during the sale and am glad to see it back again!  (Pic also from last year.)  Works with leggings and jeans.  Love that it has a hood as well!  Comes in light blue, black, and grey.  See them HERE.


Fall Business Casual Outfit: red printed tank top + red ankle pants + brown suede heels + gold leather earrings

Halogen Printed Sleeveless Top – size S
This is a pretty lightweight woven top that is good as a basic shell.  The material reminds me of the Amazon top I reviewed a while back (in Black/Ivory Polka Dot), except the Amazon one is cheaper. I don’t love the fit of this on myself, but perhaps if you’ve got narrower hips than me, it’d work better for ya.  Overall, I think this top is fine-good, especially given that you can get a similar one from Amazon for cheaper.  But if there are prints or colors available here that aren’t available on Amazon, that’s when I’d recommend getting one of these (assuming it fits you better than me).  They’re good basic tops for work that can be layered under blazers and cardigans and work with jeans for elevated casual looks.  Available in 4 solid colors and 2 prints HERE.

Halogen Kick Flare Ponte Crop Pants – size S
These are not the best cut on me personally (though I should try them with a diff top and see if that’s better), but they ARE veryyyyy stretchy, smooth, and soft.  If you’re into kick flare cropped pants and need some comfy work pants, give these a shot!  They come in black, grey, a pretty blue/teal, this maroon version, and lilac!  See them HERE.


2 Casual Sweatshirt Outfits: green or navy graphic sweatshirt + skinny jeans + leopard print wedge sneakers + gold leather earrings

Sweatshirts (Blue) & Sweatshirt (Green) – size M
I got these to boost my super casual fall clothes with graphic sweatshirts.  These are VERY soft and cozy but not heavy.  Cute, relaxed fit!  Good for loungewear with joggers or with jeans and sneakers.  The one thing I’m unsure about is if they pill or fuzz when washing since they’re sooo soft.  If they do, I know I can return them thanks to Nordstrom’s generous return policy.  But, I might just look to Etsy for graphic sweatshirts instead, like THESE.

Casual Fall Outfit: leopard print tee + olive fleece-lined jacket + black skinny jeans + black mule sneakers

Thread & Supply Jacket Update – wearing size M but size S is much better
In Try-Ons #1 I shared this jacket but noted it was boxy in M and I wanted to try a size down.  Got size S!  No pic (above is still the M from the first try on) but wanted to update you that S works!  This is a lightweight jacket with a VERY SOFT FUZZY lining.  It’s a GREAT sportier jacket for more casual looks, like jeans and a tee or jeans and a sweatshirt which I know I’ll be wearing often this year thanks to stay-at-home life.

Elevated Casual Fall Outfit: white tee + taupe suede moto jacket + skinny jeans + leopard print wedge sneakers + gold leather earrings

BLANKNYC Suede Moto Jacket – size S
I have a BLANKNYC suede moto jacket that I LOVE.  This is a super duper similar version.  They make GORGEOUS suede moto jackets!  This one looks awesome.  But one note is the French Taupe looks way more tan on the site but it’s greyish taupe in person, similar to my pic above.  Not bad, just not expected.  I actually really like the color.  The fit is AWESOME and the material feels great!  I love BLANKNYC suede jackets so much!  What I didn’t like is that this is fairly heavy–heavier than my other BLANKNYC suede moto.  Ultimately I didn’t think I’d wear it much because of that, so I returned it.  However, if you are interested, you should still try it and see how it feels for you.  Because it’s gorgeous!

Zella Soft Pocket Leggings – size M (no pic)
I was hoping these would feel like joggers in the silhouette of leggings…and they’re basically that!  More or less.  These are REALLYYYYY soft, the way that the inside of sweatpants joggers feels, except a bit thinner than sweatpants of course.  The pockets are enormous, which is nice for holding whatever your children hand to you. 😆 However, I don’t love how the pockets widen my curvier hips.  If you’ve got a straighter figure, that wouldn’t be an issue.  I’m on the fence about them personally because they are SO comfy…and really, I think I’d only wear them at home, so who cares if they widen my hips?  Not sure yet, though.  But if you’re interested, at least TRY THEM because they are SO COMFY.  I fit both size S and M, but found M was a little looser and more comfortable around my waist.  Order two sizes to see which is best for you, since Nordstrom offers free return shipping on all orders.

Remember to head to the PMT Ultimate NSale Shopping Guide to see all my Tried & True items and EVERYTHING I’ve tried so far in one place!

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