Try-Ons #1: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Got my first try on from the NSale for you today!  On Friday I posted What I’m Buying & Trying from the NSale.  I placed a huge order for those items and was able to pick up half of it at my local store while the other half will come in the mail.

Today, those with Influencer status get to shop the sale!  Those with Insider status (everyone else with a card) get to shop August 13th.  Then everyone, even if you don’t have a Nordstrom card, can shop on August 19th!  If you can’t shop yet, you can still add items to your Nordstrom Wishlist, and refer back to the PMT Ultimate NSale Shopping Guide to make sure you get everything you’re eyeing.

Also, I’m giving away a couple more $100 Nordstrom gift cards over the next couple weeks, one during each of the days new groups can access the sale. To enter, sign up for PMT Emails! Today’s winner is Sonya Elakatt! Check your email for your gift card!

Last, thank you SO MUCH to those of you who shop through my links!  I earn a small commission if you do that (with no extra charge to you).  So, if my reviews or shopping highlights are helpful for you, I’d appreciate you shopping through the links here. It enables me to provide these reviews and roundups and help you build an awesome wardrobe, without costing you anything extra.  Thanks again!

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Wedge Sneakers (also available in solid Tan and Black) – size 9
CUTE! I love wedge sneakers as an even more casual alternative to a typical bootie. Same vibe but a little sportier and more casual. I love these in both Leopard and Tan. I also really like that the black has some texture. Decently comfy, though I’d love even more cushion in the footbed. But for the sale price, it’s good. Low heel is easy to walk in. LOVE that the color is more tan than orange. The tan version is really cute too–ordered that one to try also!  See them HERE.

Pullover Sweater – size S
This is a medium thickness but pretty lightweight and soft. It has a wider, drapey silhouette, which isn’t great for a lot of people, but if you like that style it’s really cute! I personally like it, but trying to decide if I like it enough and if the price makes sense. I need to spend more time with it before deciding.  Comes in 4 colors, though stock seems low.  See them HERE.

Leopard Print Tee – size S
Was eyeing this and was not disappointed! This is the same tee as my favorite white tee. Great drape, but pretty thin and does not gloss over bumps as well as thicker tees, so keep in mind if you need the latter. Flattering u-neckline. A tad see through, but in general the print hides it pretty well as long as you wear a flesh colored bra.

Sofft Mule Sneakers – wearing 8.5 but fit size 9
These are way cuter on your feet than on Nordstrom’s site! Comfy with cushioned footbed. They run a bit narrow, so they don’t work for me personally, but they’re great otherwise. Comes in black, greyish taupe, camo, and brown snakeskin. I’m wearing size 8.5 above but size 9 fits me better in length (though still too narrow).


Striped Print Tee – size S
This is the same as the leopard tee above, also my favorite white tee I own.  The striped version is more see through than the leopard print, since the print doesn’t cover as much.  I’m not wearing a cami underneath, just a nude/flesh colored bra.  You can’t really tell, but beware if you are at all concerned with a top being see through.


Thread & Supply Jacket – size M…wanna try S
I own a sort of similar jacket to this from last year’s sale and LOVE it.  This is lightweight but cozy with a fuzzy lining.  I love it as sort of sporty, casual jacket.  Last year’s jacket ran pretty small, but this one seems a little roomier.  I’m wearing size M but want to try S as this looks a tad boxy on me.  Comes in olive and black.


Madewell Jeans – size 28
Two members on team PMT love Madewell jeans, and I keep trying them here and there but can never find the right fit.  These are…okay.  Kind of scratchy TBH.  I don’t know if that changes with washing, but I’d rather wear a pair of Wit & Wisdom or KUT jeans.  However, these are quite flattering–gotta give that to them!


Kut From the Kloth Jeans – size 4
While I LOVE my Wit & Wisdom jeans, if you want another option, these are great. They don’t have the elastic waistband that W&W jeans do, but the rest is stretchy and a bit thicker than W&W. They feel a tad buttery, in a good way. The one thing I don’t love about most Kut jeans is they tend to get a little baggy on me around the knees after a while whereas W&Ws don’t. I wore these for 2 hours but want to do my full 3-hr stretch test first. Size down, they run large and also stretch out a bit after some wear.

BP Cardigan – size XS
This year’s version comes in a nice orange color, and a brighter olive green, among neutrals. This one doesn’t have pockets, which at first I was sad about but then realized I don’t *actually* use the pockets. Plus, the lack of pockets is more flattering for those of us with wider hips!  Available in 5 colors HERE.


Blondo Waterproof Booties – size 9
Great classic bootie that’s waterproof!  I always always ALWAYS wish Blondo shoes had more padding in the footbed for the price, but it’s easy to stick a shoe insert into them.  The heel is super low and easy to walk in, and the almond toe elongates your leg line without being SUPER pointy.  Comes in black nubuck, black suede, this cognac nubuck, and a dark taupe brownish looking suede.  See them HERE.

Gibson Pullover – size S
This is really soft–kinda feels like the Gibson Twist Fleece that I love (see below).  I love the diagonal color blocking!  However…one, it’s kind of see through.  You can’t really tell in this picture, but I could kind of see through to my bra.  You might be thinking, “Wait, Audrey…what about the Caslon tee that’s kind of see through–why do you wear that but don’t like that this is see through?”  The only way I can explain it is somehow when those tees are on me, whether it’s my skin tone or WHAT, I don’t know–but you don’t see my bra outline through them.  That may not be true for other people, but once it’s on me you can’t really see through it.  However, with this pullover you kind of can.  Second, I worry this material might pill–totally TBD.

That’s to say, this is pretty darn cute, but I’m not totally sure about it yet.  I’ve gotta decide if I’ll wear a cami under it (which is likely because it’d be during the colder months anyway).  And I have to figure out whether it pills.  However, that also sort of doesn’t matter because if it does, Nordstrom’s return policy is so good that I could return it down the road should there be issues with pilling.  If this thing were a sweatshirt material I’d probably be sold!

Vince Camuto Booties -size 9
These are cute and pretty comfy.  The upper is super soft and flexible, and there’s a bit of cushion in the footbed as is true of most Vince Camuto booties.  The almond to is also flattering without being too pointy–easier to wear in more casual looks.  However, I have major questions about if the upper will crease easily.  I mean, look up there at those wrinkles during just a few seconds of trying them on.  I don’t know if they’ll bounce back.  If you’re interested in them, totally try them out (since Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns), but as you try them check to see if they crease!  They come in black and snakeskin as well.  See them HERE.


Vince Camuto Polka Dot Blouse – size S
Great blouse for work and elevated casual looks! Pretty good drape, and great sale price!  Wearing the Kut From the Kloth Jeans in size 4 and flats from Amazon in size 9.

The flats are decently comfortable for the price, but also have no cushion (expected for this price point) but the upper is very flexible.  Runs a TAD wide.  Comes in red, yellow, leopard, black and taupe HERE.


Vince Camuto Leopard Print Top – size S
Another great workwear piece!  Classic leopard print will pair well with jeans, black slacks, olive, rust, and red if you really wanna go for it! 🔥 Dress it down with jeans or dress it up with slacks and skirts.  Add a blazer for a super sharp look!

Gibson Twist Fleece – size XS
This is a PMT Tried & True item through out the years–the last two pics are from previous years.  This year I tried the leopard print version in the first pic.  It’s cute if you want a printed option!  Ultimately I didn’t think I’d personally wear the leopard print one as much, so I don’t think I’ll be keeping it.  But it’s really cute!  This is available in 4 solid colors including a beautiful teal, and this leopard print and a grey/white striped version.  See them HERE.


Vince Camuto Rumple Satin Blouse – size S
I shared about these earlier this month and am DELIGHTED they are part of the sale!  So many colors on sale! (Plus a few other colors not on sale.)  These are SO soft and comfy, with a satiny feel, yet they look so polished and chic.  Above, the blue color is the one I originally showed which is not part of the NSale.  The 2nd and 3rd pics are Coral Blossom and Black.  They’re available in 9 colors on sale HERE!

As for the pants, the black pair is no longer available.  The grey pants are from Target which are OKAY.  They’re inexpensive, and the material feels that way.  They don’t compare to more expensive pants that I sometimes rave to you guys about.  They have some stretch though, so they’re comfy in that regard and a decent option that costs less.  I like the shade of grey!  I wear size 6.


Vince Camuto Rumple Satin Blouse – size S
This is the long sleeve version of the short sleeve above, and it’s just as comfy.  It costs so much more than its sleeveless counterpart though.  Yikes!  Anyway, comes in 6 colors HERE!

I had a lot of other things in my order but didn’t have time to review them yet.

Remember, there are more Tried & True items that I LOVE from past years that are part of this year’s sale again.  Check those out on the PMT Ultimate NSale Page!

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