PMT’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Guide

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale What to Buy Shopping Guide

Welcome to your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Guide!  It can be overwhelming to keep track of what to buy with all the posts scattered out there, so I’ve organized them all on one page.

This page helps you keep track of what I’ve already tried, see what I will be trying, and shop my highlights from other categories that I may not have shown in blog posts yet.

I’ll continue doing blog posts with try-ons and reviews through out the NSale so you know what’s worth trying.

This page will be updated as I continue trying things, so bookmark this page and refer back to it when you’re looking for recs!  You can also find a link to this page on the sidebar of my blog.

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  • July 6 – EVERYONE gets to preview the sale. Which means you can preview it right nowHERE!  If you’re overwhelmed, don’t worry–I’ll highlight some of my favorite items next week. 😁
  • July 12-16 – Early Access begins in a staggered way for all Nordstrom cardholders or Nordy Club members with Insider status or above, based on your status.  You can see the start dates above.
    • July 12 – Icons
    • July 14 – Ambassadors
    • July 16 – Influencers
  • July 28 to August 8 – EVERYONE can shop the sale



These are items I’ve tried so far that are part of this year’s sale. A lot of items I wanted to try were not at my local store, so I placed a huge online order. (Many, actually–I kept seeing new things to try, haha!) More reviews will be added as I receive orders and can try more items. Newest items will be placed at the beginning of widgets.

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

This year, a couple of my teammates also shopped the sale and were up for reviewing items. Cecilia is petite at 5’1″ and size XS/0/25 (and used to be a Nordstrom sales associate). Katie is 5’7″ with a super trendy style, plus she’s loooves workout clothes.


PMT Tried and True

These are items I already own and LOVE. Many of them are my very favorite pieces that I’ve worn as staples for years. Be sure to read my comments under each item for info and sizing.

Women’s Clothing

Women’s Shoes, Accessories, Beauty, Home


Cecilia’s Reviews

Katie’s Reviews

Coming soon