Try-Ons #1: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

First Round Try Ons Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

First Round Try-Ons Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021

Today I’m coming at ya with my first round of reviews from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Today, ALL CARDHOLDERS can now shop the sale! Then, non-cardholders can shop on July 28th.

My local store actually didn’t have a TON of items that I wanted to try, so I placed a huge order online that should come by next week, and I’ll be able to review more then.

If you don’t want to wait until my next blog post, get on my NSale Alerts email list, where I’ll be emailing between blog posts to notify you of highlights or that I updated the PMT NSale Shopping Guide.

On that note, you should also check the PMT NSale Shopping Guide (which you can find on the right-hand sidebar of this blog, or at the very bottom if you’re viewing on a mobile device). It’s where I house ALL items reviewed across all blog posts. That way, you don’t have to fish through all the blog posts to find my reviews—they’re all in one place.

SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: white ruffle blouse + black raw hem jeans + nude flats

Wit & Wisdom Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans – wearing size 4 but I prefer size 6
I LOVED these jeans! Lighting was bad, so it’s hard to tell in these pics—they’re slightly faded and have a straight cut with a raw hem. STRETCHY through legs and stretchy waistband with elastic strip in the back. COMFY. I wore size 4 here but ordered size 6 to try and it already came in, and I like it much better. In size 4, the waistband fit but wasn’t super comfortable after lunch and sitting down, haha! Find them HERE.

white blouse + 1 state plaid gray blazer + black straight leg jeans + gold earrings + pendant necklace + nude flats

1 State Plaid Blazer – size M
Thin and lightweight with lining and a good drape. Comfortable but not stretchy, so my shoulders felt snug, even in size M. I really liked the style and felt it looked pretty good, but the stitching felt questionable in the sense that some of the lines were off. I’m not super picky about that stuff, so if *I* noticed it, that’s kinda sketch. That makes me feel like I’m not sure it’s totally worth the price. If you like how it looks, then you could order it to try, and hopefully the stitching on yours feels better than the one I tried.

Nordstrom reviews white blouse + vince camuto tweed jacket + black straight leg jeans + gold earrings + pendant necklace + nude flats

Vince Camuto Tweed Jacket – size 6 but wanted to try size 4
This was thicker and felt like much better quality than the 1 State blazer. Also fully lined. (To be clear, I didn’t feel like thinness of the 1 State blazer was a problem—more that the stitching felt questionable and I felt like you should pay Old Navy prices for that type of quality instead.) This one has more structure, so it’s a little less flowy. The buttons at the sleeves are not functional, so they don’t open up. I tried size 6 which I think was too large, so I would size down and go for 4.

kut from the kloth suede moto jacket taupe + white top + Wit & Wisdom jeans + nude flats + gold earrings + pendant necklace

Wit & Wisdom Raw Hem Slim Jeans – size 4 but need 6
Suuuper comfy, stretchy through legs and has elastic waistband, just like all the other good W&W jeans. On the thinner side, also like most other W&W jeans. They’re everything you’d expect them to be in all the comfy goodness! Mild distressing. Loved these! I tried size 4, which again, fit in the waistband until I ate lunch and/or was sitting haha. Gonna try size 6. They look WAY better in person than on the site—look HERE, ha!

KUT From the Kloth Jacket – size S
THIS JACKET IS SO COMFORTABLE! It’s one of my Tried & True items. SO lightweight, STRETCHYYYYYYY, soft, easy to wear—just so good. If you like the look of moto jackets but hated the bulk of jackets, this is one to try! And definitely while it’s on sale! Comes in this taupe color, a rich cognac color, and a dark olivey-gray. Check them out HERE. I wear size S.


light blue sweater + light denim jeans + gold earrings + nude flats + gold pendant necklace

Same jeans as above! Sweater reviewed below…

green sweater + light denim jeans + gold earrings + gold pendant necklace + tan peep toe booties

Madewell Sweater – size S
Good, thick sweater with texture to keep it interesting. Relaxed fit and somewhat of a relaxed drape. It’s a great length on me at 22.5″, but I have a short torso, so on a person with a regular length torso this would be slightly cropped (and good with high-waisted jeans), but if you have a super long torso then measure from your shoulders down 22.5″ to see if you like where it’d hit on yourself. This is kind of expensive for a sweater, but I’ve tried a few other similar in years past by other brands and this one just hangs better and doesn’t feel as cheap (cuz it’s not). This green one looks more muddy on the website, but the color is WAY cuter in person, closer to what’s in my pic above but perhaps a little darker. Several colors available, HERE.

Steve Madden Peep Toe Booties – size 8.5
Very cute and the upper is soft. However, the footbed is not padded, so TBH it was hard for me to even stand in these for a bit let alone walk somewhere in them. Maybe I’m just not used to heels anymore (been wearing sneakers and sandals for sooooooo long at this point). They’re very cute, though! Available in this brown suede, a bone leather which looks really chic, and a pretty mauve suede. See them HERE.


pink floral tank blouse + black slacks + gold earrings + nude flats + gold pendant necklace

Nordstrom Blouse – size S
This blouse is $28.90 on sale, and it’s a decent standard blouse that’s available in several solid colors and this floral print. It’s good for wearing under blazers and cardigans for work. It was a little tight around my hips, so it seems better for straighter figures. The material didn’t blow me away, but it’s fine if you’re looking for timeless shapes to build your wardrobe. See the solid colors HERE.

Vince Camuto Slim Leg Tech Pants – size 4
These pants are one of my Tried & True items that I’ve had for years. They are sooooo soft and stretchy, but on the thicker side. They’re dang COMFY! That said, I tried this year’s version to verify if they’re the same, and it appears that the leg is slightly slimmer than the pair I have. See how my leg on the (your) left side almost appears skinny? But the right side is not. It’s not meant to be a skinny cut (see side view), and I compared it to the pair I own, which I’ll show below. You can notice the difference. I even held the leg openings together to check, and the new one was about a half inch or so narrower than mine.

Same pants, same size, from a previous year:

pink beige floral tank blouse + black slacks + gold earrings + nude flats + gold pendant necklace

This is not a BAD thing, per say, but it’s a difference. I do kinda wonder if sizing up or wearing them around for a little will let them relax a tad, but the size up was not available for me in store. I say they’re still worth TRYING because they are SO comfy and it’s always good to get them on sale! But try a couple of sizes and also wear them for a few minutes to see if they stretch out just a little if you wanted a slightly wider leg.

Find the pants HERE. I’m wearing size 4 in both this year’s version and the one from years past.


pink beige floral tank blouse + blue knit blazer + straight leg jeans + gold earrings + nude flats + gold pendant necklacepink beige floral tank blouse + blue knit blazer + straight leg jeans + gold earrings + gold pendant necklace

Caslon Knit Blazer – size XS
This is the PMT fan fave blazer that feels like a sweatshirt! Soft and comfy, good drape, and a great way to feel super comfortable at work. This is not lined. Available in several colors HERE. This runs large, so size down. I’m wearing XS.

Another pic of the blazer taken last year:

elevated casual outfit: black and white striped long sleeve tee + blue knit blazer + blue skinny jeans + white earrings + tan booties + tan tote

Wit & Wisdom Skinny Ankle Jeans – size 4
BTW, those are my go-to skinny jeans with the stretchy legs and stretchy waistband! They’re currently on sale! But, if you’re not in the market for skinny jeans, it’s really the Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution line that has the stretchy legs AND that elastic strip in the waistband for extra comfort. They currently have lots of straight leg pants as part of the sale, in addition to a couple of washes of bootcuts. See them all HERE.

work outfit: white ruffle blouse + black pencil skirt + gold earrings + gold pendant necklace

Vince Camuto Skirt – size S
This skirt is VERY comfortable. It’s super duper stretchy and soft but very thin. But fit was very off for me—look how loose the waistband is from the side. However, it still has 250+ raving reviews, so the fit works for people, just not me. It’s only $29.90! Comes in navy and black, HERE. Also, this skirt is too long for me, but it’s an easy alteration to hem it.


Gibsonlook beige sweater + light denim jeans + gold earrings + gold pendant necklace + nude flats

Gibson V-neck Fleece Top – size S
Thin but fuzzy, cozy and VERY comfy! How thin it is helps it hang and drape well, and it even works partially tucked, meaning it doesn’t stick out awkwardly from the sideview. I believe this actually comes as a loungewear set with some matching bottoms, but you can totally wear it with jeans like I did here, too! I really like how easy it is to throw on but makes you look instantly stylish simply because of how it hangs. One thing I’m unsure about is how it washes given its fuzziness—you know how fuzzy things can sometimes get weird in the wash. Hoping this one is okay! Comes in 6 colors, HERE.

burnt orange sweater + light blue jeans + gold earrings + gold pendant necklace + nude flats

Treasure & Bond V-neck Sweater – size S 
Good, basic v-neck sweater. Fairly thick, soft, and cozy feeling! Lots of stretch, so it’s very comfy to wear. You can also tuck it in well and it won’t stick out super awkwardly from the side—always a plus for sweaters as that can be hard to find. I’m not sure how it washes, and T&B stuff tends to get a little funky in the wash, according to reviews of other sweaters from the past. Sooo, proceed with careful thought! Comes in 4 colors, HERE.

Wit & Wisdom CoolMax Slim Straight Jeans – size 4
Same great, comfy stretch you’d expect from W&W! What’s notable about this one is the CoolMax feature, which I believe is new. The tag says, “All season technology is engineered to keep you cool and dry on hot days, and warmer on cold days, for year-round comfort.” I don’t know if that’s true or not, haha! Regardless, I like the fit and the comfort. Find them HERE. I was good in size 4 for these. Size 6 was much longer and did not look as good.


Business Outfit: blue v-neck tank + black slacks + leopard heels + black tank + teal pants + leopard flats + moto jacket + gray tote

Vince Camuto Rumple Satin Blouse – size S
I LOVE this top!! It’s soooooo soft, satin-y, lightweight and breezy, but feels soooo nice against your skin. When I said the pink floral tank above was fine, it’s because it pales in comparison to how great THIS top feels. Such a good basic piece that is easy to throw on with any colored bottoms for work and look super polished and put together! Available in white and black during the sale, HERE. I wear size S.

Please note that the material for the sleeveless tops do not appear to be the same as the very similar-looking 3/4 sleeve “Rumple FABRIC Blouse” HERE. That material is pretty good and all, but it’s not quite as satin-y like the “Rumple SATIN Blouse” above. Still good, but a little different. Just want to manage expectations! 🙂

Casual Outfit Athleisure: yellow graphic tee + black joggers + denim jacket + white slip-on sneakers + tan tote

Zella Joggers – size S
LOVE these. Soft, smooth, stretchy, and retain shape. NOT the fuzzy sweatpants type—these are sporty joggers. Find them HERE. I wear size S.


athleisure: purple tank + Zella gray leggings + black sneakers

Zella Restore Soft Leggings – size S
These are the leggings that don’t feel like regular leggings—they’re really REALLYYYYY soft, and fuzzy feeling except not fuzzy. Really good for colder temps. I didn’t like the large pockets on my curvier hips in the lighter grey color, but they were fine in the darker grey. Find them HERE. I wear size S.

workout outfit athleisure: black tank + black leggings + red sweatshirt + black sneakersZella Live In Leggings – Full-length & 7/8 Pocket versions
There are several types of Live In leggings, which are Zella’s standard thicker types. They have compression to firm things up and a high, wide waistband that flattens your midsection and keeps the leggings from falling. The full length is the standard pair with tons of reviews, HERE. I wear size M in that one.

But, after last year’s NSale I switched over to wearing the 7/8 pocket leggings more for athleisure because of the pockets. They are high near the waist and hip instead of on the thighs, and it keeps my phone more secure than the slanted pockets on thighs. Find those HERE. I wear size S in those.

elevated casual outfit: red sweater + dark blue bootcut jeans + statement necklace + leopard booties + gray crossbody

Wit & Wisdom Bootcut Jeans – size 8
Very stretchy, soft, and comfy with the stretchy elastic waistband! I sized up to 8 for a looser fit around my thighs. Great pair of bootcut jeans that are sooo comfy and look chic and polished! This darker wash is available as well as a medium wash and another wash with some whiskering. See them all HERE.

Halogen Sweater – size S
The sweater I’m wearing in the pic above is part of the sale right now in a bunch of VERY PRETTY colors! The puff sleeves are very cute, and overall, the sweater feels like really good quality. It’s stretchy but not super thin and holds shape. I felt like the part of the wrist was a little too long, so I folded them up to where the puff starts—something you can try if you’re not feeling the length either. See all the colors HERE.

Things I Will Review Soon

Here’s what I’ll be reviewing soon as my online orders arrive (if they don’t get canceled!)

Shop My Other Tried & True Items

Here are some of my staple closet items (plus a few others I’ve tried and are good but don’t personally need/wear) that you can get ON SALE right now!

Check my comments below each item for info on sizing and material.

Other Items I’m Wearing in This Post

There have been some questions about my white top, necklace, and nude flats, so I’m adding this widget below for those items!

Alright, I’ll be back next week with a summer post and won’t do another NSale review until Thursday. I have several more items that I reviewed that I didn’t have time to post here, though! Check the PMT NSale Shopping Guide page and click through the widgets to read reviews of more items. I’ll probably have that fully updated by Friday afternoon.

Also join my NSale Alerts email list if you want to be emailed when the NSale shopping guide is updated and want some highlights of other items. Good luck!!

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