How to Fill Your Closet With Clothes That Actually Fit

How to find jeans that fit perfectly

When you shop, do you have a hard time finding clothes that actually fit and look good on you?

It’s one thing to know what kinds of clothes work for your Body Shape and Style Personality, but it’s a whole other thing to FIND clothes that follow those guidelines and actually FIT you!

In the recent free masterclass I hosted, I shared about how knowing Style Foundations, which I teach inside of my online course Simply Put Together, will make style a million times easier.  Today I want to share another one of those style foundations and how utilizing it makes life simpler: tailoring and alterations!

Getting items tailored to fit you is one of the most helpful tools you can utilize to create the perfect wardrobe–and do it EASILY.

How to find jeans that fit perfectly

Let’s take the example of finding jeans that fit well.  One common problem women have is that if jeans fit in the thighs, they gap in the waistband.  It is a SUPER easy and inexpensive alteration to have the waistband taken in.  Yet, most women don’t even know they can do it and much less utilize it.  But, one quick trip to the tailor and you can end the frustrating search of finding jeans that fit!

With alterations, instead of spending years hating jeans and being annoyed or uncomfortable in them, you can make them fit you perfectly instead.  This is true for so many garments that are hard for you to find, whether it’s jeans, tops, pants, jackets, whatever.

You’ll feel so good in your clothes!  Plus, you’ll put an END to that frustrating search of finding clothes that fit you well!

If you often say things like:

  • “I can’t find comfortable jeans because if they fit my thighs, they always have a gap in the waistband and I constantly have to pull them up”
  • “I have a hard time finding clothes for my petite frame”
  • “If shirts fit my broad shoulders, they’re too wide everywhere else”
  • “Tops are always too long on me”
  • “Pants are always too long on me”
  • “I hate how shirts these days always have a curved hem–they don’t work with my hips”

…or any other gripes about not being able to find pieces that fit your body well, the Style Foundation of tailoring and alterations will change the game for you.

With alterations, you can take an item that doesn’t fit you perfectly off the rack and make it look like it was made for you.  You can also take items that don’t totally work for your body shape and alter them to work for your body shape.  (See my recent post related to Body Shapes HERE.)  And, do you have items that you don’t like to wear because they annoy you?  Like, jeans that gape in the back or slide down, or tops with shoulders that are a little too long, etc.  With alterations, you can fix them so that your clothes stop annoying you and you actually LIKE wearing them.  This alone is enough for me to go to the tailor–I hate having to fiddle with my clothes through out the day!

When you open up to the world of alterations, it becomes a game-changer for your wardrobe.  Like this:

How alterations help you love your wardrobe

and this:

How a tailor helps you love your wardrobe

This is from students in Simply Put Together.  Listen to how excited they are when their clothes finally fit them perfectly!  It makes such a huge difference.

This is a Style Foundation that most women either don’t even know about, don’t do, or don’t know how to utilize.  But, it makes it sooooo much easier to find clothes you 100% love.

REFLECT: Go through your closet and do a quick count of how many items you don’t wear because they annoy you or because you don’t feel great in them.  What is stopping you from taking them to the tailor?  (Besides COVID of course!)

If nothing’s stopping you, then go for it!  It’ll make you love your closet so much more.

But, for those of you want a deeper dive before going for it, in Simply Put Together, we talk through the ins and outs of alterations, such as:

  • why you should get items tailored
  • the cost/benefit of getting items tailored
  • how items should fit so that you know what to ask for at the tailor
  • what kinds of items you should or could get altered
  • how to navigate your time at the tailor – what to ask for, what to expect, how to know what’s right

…so that you can build a wardrobe that fits you perfectly–with WAY less hassle than trying to find those items in stores.

And, if that type of more in-depth teaching sounds helpful for you, if Style Foundations in general resonate with you, or if the notion of getting clothes altered gave you a lightbulb moment in any way, you will LOVE Simply Put Together.  It’s full teaching that has an A to Z system that will give you lots of lightbulb moments, along with the tools you need, to make style easy for you.

As a reminder, enrollment for Simply Put Together is NOW OPEN for a limited time!  You can read all about what you’ll learn in SPT over HERE.

Enrollment ends Tuesday, October 6th at 2:59pm Pacific Time, so don’t wait!  It won’t be open again for a while.

Simply Put Together Now Open

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