September Best Sellers – Affordable, Comfy to Wear Finds

It’s time for the Top 10 September Best Sellers!  These are the items that fellow PMTers shopped the most in September.  A ton of them were from the Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe + Outfit GuidePssst, if you haven’t gotten that yet and you want to feel cute for CASUAL at-home life, check it out!

Check out all past best sellers HERE if you want some of the best of the best items.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

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1. Amazon “Be Kind” Tee
Cute option for the Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe, though you can use any black tee for that!

2. Amazon Tunic Top (long and short sleeve) – I wear size M
I thought it’d be like a sweatshirt, but it’s more like a very thick long sleeve shirt.  It’s got a more laid back vibe with a tunic length and a bit of room around the hips, compared to a standard long sleeve tee.  Easy to wear with leggings if you’re about average height.  This comes in a billion colors and prints HERE.

3. Old Navy French Terry Tunic – I wear size S
I reviewed this one HERE.  It’s a medium to lighter thickness, so not super duper heavy and better for early or warmer fall.  It’s soft and flexible and comfy to wear.  Doesn’t have much shape to it though, so pass if that’s not your thing!  Available in Regular, Tall, and Petite in several colors HERE.  I wear size S.

4. Dr. Scholl’s Madison Slip-On Sneakers
Known for being a fairly comfy brand.  Gotta love some sneakers with a bit of padding.  Comes in 21 prints and colors!  Lots and lots of colors, plus fun prints like leopard print and snakeskin!  Check them out HERE.  I don’t own this exact make, which is the Madison…I own the Scout.  But FWIW I wear size 9 in that one.

5. Amazon BEAUTURAL Steamer
I shared in a PMT email about how steamers can unshrink your clothes and how even though I LOATHE ironing, I love steaming.  So much easier!

Anyway, number one, if you’re not on PMT Emails, then get on it!  😀 You get free downloadable stye resources, and I’ll be sending more and more content that I won’t be blogging about.  Sign up HERE.

Second, in that email I linked to a few well-rated steamers for you to check out.  Fairly low cost.  They make life so much easier!  This is one of them.  (I don’t own this one, the one I own is sold out, but this is very similar.)

6. Amazon iSteam Steamer
Another steamer to check out!

7. Old Navy Loose Luxe V-Neck Tunic – I wear size S
This was new to me when I reviewed it recently, but a BUNCH of people said they owned and LOVE these!  It’s made of rayon and spandex, and it’s SUPER soft, lightweight, and breathable.  Tunic length, if you wanna wear it with leggings.  But you can tuck it in easily because since it drapes really well, it should lay flat against you from the sideview.  I might also tuck it in really loosely in the back as well with jeans since it’s so long.  Comes in several colors HERE.

8. Dear Mushka Gold Locket Pendant Necklace
This has been my most worn necklace for the last several years. It goes with basically everything and does an amazing job of pulling together an outfit, despite its simplicity. It’s actually a locket, so you can put a picture in it! See ways I’ve worn it HERE. Or just go through any post on my blog and you’ll find it. 😆 I literally wear it all the time!  Get it HERE.

NOTE: I found the original chain a little fragile, so I swapped it out with a chain from an old necklace I had.  You can find other chains at craft stores or on Amazon.  My new chain is 34″.

9. Old Navy Printed V-Neck Tee (camo) – I wear size S
Been loving this tee!  I own it in leopard print (no longer available, wahhhh) and camo.  It’s on the thicker side, so it doesn’t have AS high of a drape as the v-neck tunic above or some other other tees I own.  But, it’s fine.  Being a little thicker, it does make it warmer which I know I’ll appreciate in a month….but during our current 80-90 degree days, I really do feel how much warmer it is than my Madewell or Caslon tees.  Anyway, no big deal.  There’s a time and place for thicker tees!  These are also very, very affordable, so that’s a plus.  Check them out HERE.

10. Amazon Stretch Joggers – I wear size S
These have been a PMT fave for the last couple of YEARS and still make it into these monthly best sellers pretty regularly!  This material is sort of smooth–not that fuzzy sweatpants stuff, but soft and smooth.  Very stretchy and comfy!  They also don’t get super baggy, which is fantastic.  Available in several colors HERE.  And under $21!!

One note is if you have a fuller rear, this material might cling to you a bit.  I do have a fuller rear but that problem hasn’t been that bad for me.  However, I can definitely see how it could be worse for others.  Just FYI.  There are free returns with Amazon Prime, so you can try them risk free.

Do you own any of these?  Got any favorites of your own from this month?


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