Gifts for Her: My Tried and True Gift Ideas for 2018

Best Gifts for Her

I recently shared a short list of gift ideas for friends or for yourself!  😛  Today I’m sharing an extended version of gifts for her with fuller reviews.  Most of these items look familiar?  Good, they should!  Most of them are my tried and true favorites, which means you’ve seen me talk about them over and over.  It also means that I KNOW they’re great products that will get a lot of use and will make fantastic gifts!

If you’re looking for newer ideas, stay tuned.  More gift guides are coming!



Years ago I used to just round up a bunch of stuff that LOOKS good, but a couple years ago I switched to primarily recommending my husband’s and my favorite products.  I feel like gift guides are so much more useful when you actually know that products are good quality or are gifts that have been given to others and have been well-received.  A few products on each list are things I may not have tried personally yet, but they are usually things I’ve researched and are on my own wishlist for the year. The majority of each gift guide is stuff I can attest to being amazing and helpful to have in life!

A lot of items will repeat from previous years.  Like I said, many of these are items that Benson and I believe in and that are good quality, so they don’t change year to year.  They last through heavy use over multiple years and we don’t feel the need to replace things because they’re amazing!

Best Gifts for Her

Links to Shop:
1. Black or Cream Blanket Scarves // 2. Orange Plaid Scarf
3. Metallic Stick Necklace // 4.  Crystal Circle Necklace // 5. Pendant // 6. Rothy’s Flats
7. Eyeshadow Palette // 8. Reversible Tote // 9. Cardigan // 10. Beauty Blender
11. Quilted Vest // 12. Goal Setting Planner // 13. Jewelry Organizer // 14. Leopard Scarf
15. Moccasin Slippers // 16. Throw Blanket // 17.  Leather Earrings
18. Leggings // 19. Brown Watch // 20. Handbag // 21. Hunter Boots


SIZING INFO: I’m 5’6″ and usually size S/M or 6/8 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.

1. Window Pane Blanket Scarves – I’ve had the cream one for a couple of years and it goes with so much.  I got the black one recently and might love it even more!  My exact scarves are HERE, but I found identical ones at about half the price–black HERE and white HERE.  See ways I’ve worn them: Black Scarf Outfits //  White Scarf Outfits.  Both make great gifts, but I think the black one is a safer option that anyone can wear and pull off easily.

2. Orange Plaid Scarf – I love this one for adding some interest to solid sweaters.  See some ways I’ve worn it HERE.

3. Metallic Stick Necklace – This is one of my most worn necklaces.  It is so stinking versatile for casual, dressy casual, or fancy outfits.  Seriously goes with so much!  See ways I’ve worn it HERE.  It goes in and out of stock, constantly being restocked.  If it’s sold out, check back often, or follow me on Facebook or PMT Emails to be alerted for restocks!

4. Crystal Circle Necklace – My other most worn statement necklace, especially around winter and spring.  It makes those winter outfits so pretty!  See how I’ve worn it HERE.

5. Locket Pendant – The one shown above is not the exact one I own, but the link takes you to the one I own.  I wear it ALL.THE.TIME.  See the outfits HERE.  It ties together every outfit in a simplistic way.  And, it’s a locket that’s also made with a special meaning!  Note: I switched out the chain for a sturdier one that I grabbed from an old necklace I had.  You can get replacement chains on Amazon.  

6. Rothy’s Flats (get $20 off!) – Ohmigosh, PMTers are obsessed with these!  I don’t own them, but they’re on my wishlist.  They are supposedly INSANELY comfortable.  I got to stick my feet in a pair of these for like 3 seconds, but I understood immediately what they meant.  Also, they are made of recycled material, and I hear they’re machine washable.  Yes–comfortable, easy to clean, and better for the environment?  WINNING ALL AROUND.  They are crazy expensive, but PMTers have crazy large collections nonetheless.  You can get $20 off if you use my referral link HERE.  They have SO many different colors and styles, including pointy toe or round toe, loafers, sneakers, and more.  My first pairs would be the yellow marigold pointy toe flats and then the leopard print pointy toe flats of course.  😛   I hear you need to size up with the pointy toe flats but go with your regular size for round toes.

7. Eyeshadow Palette – Got this almost exactly 3 years ago and have worn it every single day.  Literally.  It’s known as one of the most versatile and universal palettes around, and giving this as a gift would be a safe way to pamper or spoil one of your friends with colors that are likely going to work for them.

8. Tote – I use this almost everyday.  It’s reversible, so you get two bags in one!  Comes in several color combos.  Mine is black/cognac.  It goes with basically everything and I get compliments on it all the time.  Easy gift to give a friend!

9. Cardigan – This is a huge cult favorite.  Almost 2,500 reviews with nearly 5 stars!  They are soooo expensive, so I polled PMTers as to why they love them.  Here goes: they’re super cozy–way cozier than all other cardigans–and can be washed a million times and it’ll still look new.  I personally find them too heavy (I’m particular about that kinda stuff) but I gave one to my sister last year for Christmas and she loved it so much she bought two more for herself.  We gave one to Benson’s mom last year too, and she really likes it and wears it around the house all the time.  Come in tons of colors.  Find them HERE.

10. Beauty Blender – This is on the expensive side for a makeup tool, so it’s another fun way to pamper one of your friends.  It’s something that’s pretty popular that they might be intrigued by but not want to spend their own money on.  Same with the eyeshadow palette above!

11. Quilted Vest – The quilted details make it look really expensive–and actually normally it IS pretty darn expensive.  It’s on sale right now though!  I normally wear S/M and wear this in S though could maybe size down to XS for a more fitted look.  I also love the puffy, non-quilted ones from Old Navy which are cheaper (HERE), but they are thicker and puffier so it just depends on what look you’re going for.  The Old Navy ones are lined with fleece–including in the pockets! See the black one on me HERE.  White Old Navy vest outfits HERE.  Navy Old Navy vest outfit HERE.

12. Goal Setting Planner – I’ve used these for the last 2 years.  It’s *not* a daily planner, rather it’s a big picture planner that helps you set goals, live with intentionality, and cultivate the things in life that you actually care about.  It’s easy to go through life as it comes, but then 2 or 3 years can pass you by and you can look back and be like, “Where did those years go??”  These help you set GOOD goals in a way that’s NOT stress-inducing, but in a way that celebrates progress, not perfection.  I’m heading into my 3rd year of using these!  They keep me grounded and focused on what’s important.

13. Jewelry Organizer – This is from the Travel Gift Guide.  Got it last year and love it so far!  Have used it on all our trips in the last year.  Fits way more of my beloved statement earrings than most travel jewelry organizers thanks to the large panel in the middle.  That’s one of the main reasons I love it!  It’s also slim and streamline.

14. Leopard Scarf – Loooove this print and get lots of compliments on it.  The lighter background (as opposed to a darker or more reddish brown) is subtle, sophisticated, and easier to style.

15. Moccasin Slippers – These ALWAYS make a good gift!  This pair is really affordable (since it’s almost always on sale) and has really great reviews.  My current lookalike pair needs an update, so I ordered these for myself this year!

16. Throw Blanket – Another gift that always works!  Combine it with the slippers above for a cozy little package!  They’re so soft and cozy yet so affordable.  Addie loved mine so much that she totally took it as her own and I had to buy another one for me!  They also wash really well and don’t pill.  These come in 19 colors, but my favorites are the white and grey.  See them all HERE.

17. Leather Earrings – My absolute favorite earrings!  EVER!  What makes them so special?  They’re made of leather, which makes them ridiculously lightweight and means you can wear a statement earring without the pain of heavy jewelry weighing you down.  These are so comfy to wear that I often forget I’m wearing any jewelry!  These are also impeccable quality.  Other knockoff leather earrings curl up or fray due to cheaper leather, but Nickel & Suede’s leather quality is unmatched.  The teardrop ones come in 3 sizes, and most often I wear the medium.  For reference, the medium is 2.5 inches long.  If you have a shorter neck go for the small.  Otherwise I say go medium!  And if you’re not scared of statement earrings then go LARGE!  They have a million beautiful styles, so I highlighted some in the widget below:

18. Leggings – My review for this pair and why they are so awesome and worth the price tag is HERE.  They are thick, opaque, and actually made for working out so they sculpt you a bit and provide security.  They are not shiny like workout leggings can be (many have asked about that!) and are easily worn in casual outfits.  See ways I’ve worn mine HERE.  I’ve also worn them for working out.  I wear size M.

19. Daniel Wellington Watch – I get compliments every time I wear this watch!  Often people comment on the sleek design and slim face.  All of their watches are really classic and timeless and will go with a ton!  This is a really classy, fail-proof gift!

20. Handbag – I just got this earlier this year, but every time I show it on the blog or social media someone comments how much they love it.  A wine colored bag goes with SO much and makes outfits look so sophisticated.  This bag is sturdy with a very cute printed lining, and it has studs down the side which give it character without being too crazy.  Comes in 3 colors!  It was recently on sale for nearly 50% off, so see if you can catch a sale HERE!

21. Hunter Boots – These are classic, and they’re on my wishlist.  I’ve wanted a pair for years but couldn’t justify buying some because it seldom rains where I live.  But on the days it does rain, I totally wish I had a pair!  My mom is always looking for larger ticket items to buy for us (despite me not caring at all!) so I think I’ll ask for a pair this year!  There are some select sizes and colors of the original tall styles on sale HERE.  PMTers who own these say they use them for both rain and snow, but you should also get the thick boot socks to keep your feet warm enough in snow.

Is there anything on this list that you’d want to give someone, or anything you wanna add to your wishlist? 

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