Fall Shopping: Bags Under $50

I’ve gotten some questions about my satchel, but since it was a gift from my sister and not any brand I recognize I know nothing about it.
BUT, in my searches for an alternative I found some KILLER options!  The best part is that these are mostly from places like Target, Forever 21, JCPenney, ASOS, and ModCloth, and they’re all under $50!  Some of them make me drool like whoa.  Many of them come in multiple colors, particularly black and navy, but of course I’m partial to cognac.
If I’m honest, I kind of didn’t want to share these with you because I didn’t want them to sell out before I decided.  Haha!  But out of the goodness of my heart I am sharing the wealth.  I know, such a giver I am.  🙂
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight
Option #1 – BE STILL MY TARGET-LOVING HEART.  This was available in coral in the spring/summer and it is BEAUTIFUL.  I wish I had snatched it up when I saw it in store.  There’s a wait list for it now online in the fall colors.  🙁  Comes in black and navy too!  
Option #2 is so luscious looking, though I have yet to see it in person to confirm that.  It also comes in black, cognac, and a fiery orange/red which is very enticing.
Option #3 – I took this home to try out, but I’m debating between this or putting myself on the wait list for option 1.  
Option #4 has a wider base which I actually like a lot.  Click in to see the side view.  I would say this seems the closest to the type of satchel I have.  
Option #5 – Cute bag from ModCloth.  I like the two-toned nature of it.  
Option #6 – I like that this also comes in green.  I love how green satchels look!
Option #7 – Comes in a variety of colors.  I really like the look, but not sure about the function.  The top that folds down is a flap, but if your bag is too full it doesn’t fold down which affects the look of the bag.  
Option #8 is bigger than it looks in the picture.  This picture makes it look like a tiny little crossbody bag, but it is not.  I got it in stone/blackish and am trying to decide whether or not to keep it right now.  You can click in to see the proportions on a mannequin.  
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