To repeat or not to repeat? That is the question.

Yes, I wore this top with this necklace in an outfit post not too long ago.  I also paired this tee and necklace with white jeans (yet to be blogged).  Do I have a bunch of other necklaces that would work with this outfit?  Yes, but I simply don’t care.  My natural tendency is to repeat what I liked before, whether it’s a particular dish at restaurants, areas to park at the mall, or outfits I wear.  And when I say I repeat outfits, I don’t mean that I repeat pieces multiple times.  I mean I repeat outfits in their entirety–everything about it including the same top, bottoms, accessories, shoes and all.  Though I started this blog to help me do that less often, it’s nice to let myself indulge in my natural inclination towards repetition sometimes.  
In regards to being an outfit repeater or someone who strives for a new outfit everyday, I don’t think either is wrong or right.  The way I see it, it’s really about which way best serves your lifestyle and your value system.  If your lifestyle demands quick and easy dressing with little thought, then give yourself the freedom to repeat outfits as often as is sanitary!  😛  Or, if you value the creative process or have a goal of making better use of your closet (like I did) or growing your style, etc. then there’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself to create new looks.  I don’t think either should be seen as right or wrong, as long as it’s serving you the way that your wardrobe should serve you.
So, who here leans more towards outfit-repeater and who here leans more towards having new outfits regularly?  And, is that serving you well in this season of your life?

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