You’ve All Won $20 to Nyopoly!

Have you ever been shopping and fallen in love with something but thought, “Aw man, I would TOTALLY buy this if it were like just $50 less!”?  (Cuz, you know…budgets.)  Well, today I want to introduce to you a shopping site that allows you to do just that.  Meet Nyopoly!

Nyopoly is a members-only shopping experience where every price is personal.  With Nyopoly, you negotiate your price on current season and on-trend designer brands, getting you what you love, everyday, at a price you want to pay.  Yep, that’s right–designer brands like Anne Klein, Armani, Gucci, and Melie Bianco.  
Instead of running a giveaway, Nyopoly is offering every one of you $20 credit with code puttingmetogether.

Head over to Nyopoly, sign up to get your $20 credit, and have fun shopping!
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