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How to Stay Warm in the Winter Without Looking Really Bulky

Happy Thursday, friends!  With colder weather upon us, I thought it’d be helpful to point you to a few cold weather style posts that I’ve written in the past.  If you want even more style tips, you can always search my entire archive of style help posts from the top menubar of this blog.  Go up and hover over “Style Help,” and a dropdown menu should appear.  Click on “Style Tips & How-To’s.”

Here are some of my favorites for this season:

Tips to stay warm in winter

How I Stay Warm in the Winter While Trying to Look Cute
If you read no other links in this post, read this one!  This is how I stayed warm in many wintry, snowy, and icy weekends in Chicago and managed to not totally sweat once we got into heated buildings.  These things helped me as a whimpy-winter-California-girl stay warmer than friends who lived in Washington DC, Minnesota, and Michigan!  Read it HERE!


Caring for Suede Shoes

How to Care for Suede Boots
I live in a pretty mild climate so I don’t have a ton of experience with caring for suede boots.  But if you need a beginner’s guide, this post has things I’ve researched from wiser and more experienced suede shoe owners as well as some links to further resources for more intense wintry climates.



How to roll up layered sleeves

How to Roll Up Layered Sleeves
A very old, but very helpful post!  I could stand to redo it now that I have more years of experiences doing this compared to when I wrote it, but it still serves the purpose!



How to wear a dress in winter
How to Make a Dress Warmer in the Winter
Five tips to help you stay warmer should you find yourself needing (or wanting!) to wear a dress in the colder months!


Cold Weather business casual

Cold Weather Business Casual
Been asked a ton about this over the years.  This post has 5 tips for business casual style in the winter.  If you’re wondering about bare feet and ankles in outfits 1 and 4, go read the post because I talk about it!  Read it HERE.

Ways to wear a gingham button up in winter

Ways to Wear a Gingham Button Up in Colder Weather
I wrote this one more for the fall so the looks are lighter, but there are a few here that would still work in the winter, especially if you use the layering tips from How I Stay Warm in the Winter While Trying to Look Cute.

I’m working on some other cold weather style posts, like how I tie my scarves (finally!), but that’s all I’ve got for now.  Check out all the Style Help posts HERE.

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