Ways to Wear a Gingham Button Up

One of the first remixes I ever blogged years ago was with a gingham button up.  Looking back on it I cringe a little.  I had to start somewhere, but I’m relieved to provide an updated version today!

I loved the look of gingham but found that most gingham shirts were too stiff for my taste, so it took a while to get one in my closet.  Perhaps if I were going for more tailored or professional looks the stiffer ones would be better, but for my casual style they didn’t work well.  I finally picked up this thinner, more relaxed one from J.Crew Factory in the summer (HERE) and have absolutely loved it.

I wasn’t sure about J.Crew Factory sizing and I don’t love their shipping or return policies (aka not free), so it wasn’t until I visited my mom, who lives 500 miles away from me but near a J.Crew Factory store, that I gave this shirt a shot.  I’m normally S/M and wear this in S.

It is on the thinner side, so if you are looking for something more substantial this would not be great.  In much colder weather I usually layer under and over this–under with a UNIQLO Heattech (HERE) and a pullover sweater or cardigan over.  I love that it’s thin for the summer and spring, though!

exact gingham button up HERE

There are about a billion ways you could wear this, and I’m in love with how versatile it is.  Mine is a neutral navy and white, and though the outfits I show below involve mostly neutrals, the color combinations really are endless.  My colors pairings shown are limited to green, cobalt, and a hint of mustard, but you could also pair this top (or any neutral colored gingham) with pink, yellow, and red, whether it be scarves, sweaters, pants, or cardigans.  Endless!

Below are a few more options of varying material, thickness, and sturdiness.

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