Water Resistant Shoes (That Aren’t Rain Boots or All-Weather Boots) MEGA Roundup

Did you know there are LOTS of styles of shoes that are water resistant besides rain boots? Boots, booties, sneakers, wedge sneakers galore, plus more! Don’t get me wrong–rain boots and all-weather shoes definitely have their place.  Waterproof is not the same as water resistant, and sometimes that kind of heavy duty waterproof protection is necessary. But, water resistant shoes are fantastic for milder days when you want to change up your footwear but still need them to withstand some of the elements. It’s awesome when you don’t have to worry about whether your shoes will work with get ruined by the weather.

Since it doesn’t rain too much where I live, and it’s never wet with snow, I’m not adamant that every pair of my cold weather shoes has to be water resistant, and just a few options is enough.  For me personally, that’s a pair of tan booties and at least one pair of slip on sneaker booties.  Those would be enough to open up a LOT of outfits that I couldn’t wear with standard rain boots.

Right after those would probably be a pair of black slip-on sneakers or booties and tall tan boots

However, I do have more water resistant shoes than just those because if you can find “regular” looking shoes that are also water resistant, why NOT get as many of those as you can?  That makes life way easier.  The more, the merrier!

(BTW, you can also use Scotchguard to help with your shoes, but I personally feel more confident if someone else did the waterproofing, not me. 😂)

Today I’ve got a roundup of water resistant shoe options, in addition to waterproof ones!  Check some of them out below:

Water Resistant Sneakers


Water Resistant Booties


Water Resistant Tall Boots


Waterproof Rain Boots


Waterproof Duck / Shearling / Fur Boots

And, in case you need some heavier duty options, here are a few of those as well!


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