Tips for Finding Swimsuits That Flatter a Tummy and Cover the Rear + One Piece and Two Piece Swimsuit Options

Swimsuits that Flatter a Tummy

Swimsuits that Flatter a Tummy

Hey friends!  Summer weather is in full swing where I live, and our kids are begging us to buy a little pool for our backyard.  TBD on our backyard pool, but it DID remind me to roundup some swimsuits in case any of you are in the market!

Based on the two features you all request the most, today’s roundup focused on swimsuits that flatter a tummy and/or provide more coverage at the rear.  Hope that helps!

Also, apologies in advance if you’re also looking for suits that are supportive for larger busts.  I have no knowledge in that area, so this roundup only focuses on the stomach and rear.  However, lots of the suits have tons of reviews with ladies speaking about chest support.

Before we get to the suits, I thought it’d be helpful to talk through some tips for finding suits along those lines!

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Tips for Finding Swimsuits that Flatter a Tummy

  • Find suits with ruching, gathering, or crossover layers at the midsection versus smooth and straight material.  The gathering provides texture which helps conceal bumps.  This is especially helpful for solid colored suits compared to ones with prints, which leads me to my next tip…
  • Utilize prints.  Prints help distract the eye, so utilize prints if you want to draw attention away from your midsection.
  • Wear a tankini that floats away from your midsection, even if it’s just slightly.  There are tankinis that closely hug your midsection, and there are others that, because they’re a tankini and not attached to the bottom of the suit, are able to float away from your body a bit more and instead skim over your midsection.  A more extreme example is THIS suit.  A less extreme example that is more fitted but not ultra fitted is THIS suit.  <–I got that exact one last year as a sportier suit I could wear with my kids, and it’s been great!
  • Suits in thicker materials offer more support around the midsection.  This is true of clothing, and it’s true of swimsuits.  Not all swimsuits are created equally, and some are thicker with an extra layer while others are very thin and show every lump and bump.  Go for suits with thicker materials as they will offer more support.
  • With two-piece suits, try bottoms with a higher rise.  A higher rise will help cover more of your midsection and keep it secured.  Also…
  • …look for a top with extra material that covers more of the area right under your bust.  A great example is THIS suit in Blackstripe(cross).  See how the top has extra material to cover more of your midsection, and how the bottom is high rise?  PLUS, the bottoms have other tips I mentioned above like ruching AND a print!  BTW, it has AMAZING reviews and lots of pics so you can see it on people!


Tips for More Coverage for the Rear

  • When shopping online, filter the bottoms by coverage, and look for the fullest one.  Not all stores offer this feature, but when they do, it’s especially helpful.  Also, look for the backside view of every suit to get a gage of how much it actually covers.
  • Opt for swim shorts if you want even fuller coverage.  You can get board shorts, or ones that fit a little more closely, like THESE.


One Piece Swim Suits

Two Piece Swim Suits or Separates

Most of these comes in several colors and prints, so if you like the shape of it, click in to see what other colors and prints are available.

Swim Shorts & Cover Ups

Here are just a few swim shorts and board shorts if you want a bit more coverage for your rear.  I did include one pair of standard bottoms that claimed to have tummy control as well as one wrap I own that you can’t swim in but I thought was worth mentioning.


Hope this helps you find a swimsuit you feel awesome in!


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