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It all started with this LOFT cardigan that was not available in my size.  Almost all of my cardigans are the same kind–just your standard cardigan.  You’ve seen me wear them plenty.

What I like about the LOFT cardigan is the silhouette.  The cascading front is a great way to add some interest and change up the silhouette of your outfit while still providing the functionality of your standard cardigan.  I thought one like that might change up my outfits a bit more, buuuuut, no luck with my size.  And now it’s totally sold out.

I tried two from SheInside which did not pan out at all:

left  |  right
The first was way too big and boxy on me, though it might be great for someone else.  The grey one would have been PERFECT, except that it is not really as pictured and is super short in the back.  I thought I even had it on upside down or something, but neither way worked!  
So I went hunting, and here are some others I found.  They’re all from LOFT (on sale), Forever 21, Target, Old Navy, Kohl’s, or Macy’s.  If you’ve been in a cardigan rut and want an easy next step, these are great deviations from a normal v-neck cardigan that play with textures and shapes!
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight  |  nine
Row 1: Ideally I wanted one with a marled texture like these, but with a cascading front or at least a pointed, uneven front like option 3 from Kohl’s.  That’s still what I’m looking for, so I might need to go  to Kohl’s and check it out in person.

Row 2:  
Option 4: I reallyyyyy like the color and texture of this one.  Looks so cozy!  I think it pairs great with dark jeans, a light tee, and wedge booties for an easy, casual look.  It would also be great at cozying up a dress.
Option 5: This pattern seems a little more sophisticated to me, which makes sense, since it’s LOFT.  I can see it being great for an office appropriate look and worn out with chunky metallic jewelry, black skinny jeans, and boots.  
Option 6:  Comes in a bunch of neutral colors, plus a nice maroon.  

Row 3:  These are on the thinner side, which will be great for spring and summer.  Options 7 and 8 aren’t too far from a normal cardigan, just a little more drapey.
Option 7:  Also comes in a bunch of neutral colors.  You name a neutral, this cardigan comes in it!
Option 8:  Comes in a dark heather grey, too.  It has some texture to it, which gives it a little more dimension.
Option 9: A lighter knit version of a cardigan with a cascading front.  

Besides the normal v-neck (or crew neck) cardigan, what kinds are you drawn to?  
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