Shopping Help: Old Navy Recently

I totally was NOT intending on making it a habit to showcase items from one shop regularly, but I hadn’t been shopping in a while so I’ve been perusing lots of stores lately and seeing good stuff.  
I went to Old Navy to look at shoes, but was delighted at the clothes I saw!  It’s been a while since I’ve liked a significant number of things at Old Navy.  Something about the materials they were using made me steer away, but things seemed a little better this time around.
I’ve only tried a few of them on, but wanted to show you other things that caught my eye in store and later online as I continued searching.
Option 1 – I loooove this shirt and tried it on in store.  It was sadly too long on me (I’m short waisted), otherwise I’d totally get it!  Perfect to pair with olive skinnies and flats or tuck into a navy pencil skirt with pumps for an office.  I’m sure it’d be great with a blazer, too.  Also comes in teal stripes, pink/red stripes, yellow stripes, and a bunch of others. 
Option 2 – I saw this as I walked out of the store and thought the cutouts were a nice touch.  You get the versatility and comfort of a neutral sweatshirt but with interesting texture to help give the outfit interest.  Basically, you can wear a sweatshirt without looking like you just rolled out of bed.  Also comes in navy.
Option 3 – Another ponte striped blazer option, in case anyone’s interested. 
Option 4 – So cute!  Great for spring and summer.  I saw this in store but didn’t get a chance to feel it.  It seemed like it was a pretty durable canvas-y type of material, at least from looks.
Option 5 – I always have people asking about cargo vests come spring and summer, so grab it while you can!  This is more versatile than you’d imagine.  You can wear it with tops of all patterns and textures as well as over dresses.  Here’s a link for some ways I’ve worn mine, but those are kind of boring and uninspiring since there are at least 5 outfits missing from that link.  I haven’t gotten that far back in the archives with labeling yet.  Sorry!  
Option 6 – Great cargo jacket!  Another piece that basically goes with everything.  See ways I’ve worn mine.
Option 7 – This jersey pencil skirt is adorable!  It’d be so cute with a tee and sandals and…a cargo jacket!  hehe 🙂  Or a denim jacket, of course.  I could also see it with a medium grey blazer and pumps to take it up a notch.  
Option 8 – Another great striped jersey pencil skirt option.  
Option 9 – This dress is adorable and comes in a pink printed version as well as solid black and solid teal/greenish.  I tried it on, but the torso was again a little too long for me so it looked strange.  It probably looks normal on someone who has a longer (or normal?) torso.  Suuuuper comfy though!  Great with any colored cardigan (mustard! radiant orchid! green! any neutral…), a denim jacket or a blazer.
Option 10 –  I threw this in as a great basic to have that can be accessorized to your heart’s content!
Option 11 – Another great basic dress to have.  This comes in navy stripes as well as solid black, and usually I lean towards neutrals, but I really like this shade of red.
Option 12 – These are the reason I went to Old Navy in the first place.  They come in brown, camel, and black.  The camel ones are not quite as rich looking as the picture suggests.  I took them home just to try with some dresses…still not sure if I’m keeping them.  BUT, when I bought them the cashier said, “OMG I LOOOVE these!  They are SO comfortable.  Girls here even wear them for their shift, which says a lot.”
Option 13 – I didn’t see these in store, but I’m gonna order them soon to try!

Just so happens that right now there’s a 25% off sale as well!

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