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Hey, hey!  Last week I shared a Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe complete with a corresponding Casual Fall Outfit Guide.  I created it to help us (yes, for me too!) feel put together with some cute outfits for at-home life with kids.
Today I’m reviewing some of the casual clothes for fall that I bought to put together my own casual fall wardrobe.  All of these items except for 1 are from Old Navy, because Old Navy is killing it in the comfy casual department these days!  They’ve got so much variety, plus they’re fairly easy on the wallet.  🙂
The capsule wardrobe and outfits in the Casual Fall Outfit Guide are customizable for your color preferences, prints that you like, and weather.  Where I live, fall is very warm, so I will mostly be using short sleeve t-shirts and lighter, thinner sweatshirts.  Plus, I’ll be spending most of it indoors where my temps are pretty controlled.
If you live in a cooler climate and need warmer clothes, what I’m reviewing today might not be the best options for you.  Just wanted to note that as a heads up!
SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.
Casual Summer Outfit: camo tee + black shorts + black slip-on sneakers + metallic leather earrings
Do you remember back in July when I reviewed the StretchTech joggers? In case you missed it, the joggers are a sporty, lightweight material, and NOT sweatpants. Kind of like windbreakers, but way better than the ones I wore in junior high and high school. 😛 The material holds its shape and has a bit of stretch. They are SO comfy!  (I wear the joggers in size M.)
These shorts are StretchTech Shorts!  A fellow PMTer, Daisy, told me about them. I actually bought a similar pair last summer, fell in LOVE, but didn’t know what they were called, and they sold out before I could tell you about them. I’m so glad these are around this year!
Technically these are athletic shorts, but I’ve been wearing them as everyday shorts. Hehe!  You can’t tell that they’re athletic shorts in the black version. They’re lightweight and airy, so they’ve been VERY comfy to wear during the 90 degree days we’ve been having lately!
They have two open side pockets, AND a small zippered side pocket.  One note is that the pockets stick out a little on me.  Not sure if it does it’s the material, or if it’s just because of my hips.
Unfortunately sizes and colors are now limited.  Dang it, sorry!  Hopefully they come back in stock, though!
There is a mid-rise version with a 5″ inseam (HERE) and a high-rise version with a 3.5″ inseam (HERE). I’m wearing the mid-rise with a 5″ inseam which comes in 5 colors. I wear size S.
Casual Jeans Outfit: camo v-neck tee + distressed jeans + metallic leather earrings Casual Summer Outfit: leopard v-neck tee + black shorts + black slip-on sneakers + metallic leather earrings
These v-neck tees are good, inexpensive options, especially if you want a low cost way to try camo or leopard print, or any of the other prints offered.  The material is a medium thickness, but therefore doesn’t have as high of a drape like the more expensive–and thinner–Caslon and Madewell tees do. But it’s good enough, especially since I’m in need of printed tees. It front-tucks well and is loose enough to knot.
I’ve been wearing both of these tees with my black StretchTech shorts and black slip on sneakers lately. Comfy but cute!
These come in 7 prints which you can see HERE. I wear them in size S.
Casual Jeans Outfit: camo tee + distressed jeans + white leather earrings
Crewneck Camo Tee – size S
Pardon the wrinkles–this was just out of the packaging.  I tried this camo crewneck tee as well as the v-neck one above to compare.  The material feels pretty much the same.  In terms of which cut I liked better, I personally liked how the v-neck line opened me up more a little more compared to the crew neck. It’s totally gonna depend on your body shape though!
Casual Jeans Outfit: coral graphic tee + skinny jeans + white slip-on sneakers + metallic leather earrings
Graphic Slub Tee – size M
This slub tee is different than the previous two tees. The material, cut, and drape are all different, and so is sizing.  The hem is rounded a bit at the bottom, and the material is softer.  Though I wear size S in the v-neck tees above, I wear size M in this Graphic Slub Tee.  Or rather, I’m a bit between sizes.  S was too fitted and clung to my postpartum tummy a little more, but M is a TAD wide in the shoulders.  Not a perfect fit, but good enough for what I need it for this year as my body transitions back from having a baby.  (Which was just 2.5 months ago!  Crazy.  Feels like so long and not that long all at the same time!)
This comes in 8 colors and different sayings. See them HERE. I wear size M in these.
Graphic Slub Tee – size M
This slub tee is in the same listing as the pink one above, but they feel a bit different.  The shoulders fit me better in this Good Vibes version.  It’s also thicker and not quite as soft or flowy.  Better weight for fall though.  The Good Vibes writing has leopard print in it on a velvety type of material which is a fun touch, but it’s subtle enough that it could sometimes be read as a neutral or no print and go with a few more things.  Wearing M in this too.  See the 8 prints HERE.
Twill Pants – size S
Soft pants are winning for at-home life. These are realllllly soft and comfy. They’re NOT scratchy AT ALL like linen pants are.  I got these a while ago before our weather turned super duper hot.  These are slightly thicker and not as cool as either my Old Navy linen pants or Caslon linen joggers so I haven’t worn them since our weather turned hot.  They’ll be a better option once the weather cools a bit though.  If you’re going for pants for really warm weather, I’d recommend one of the linen pairs.  If you want pants for mildly warm weather and the early transition into fall, this twill pair is a good and very inexpensive option.  And VERY comfy!
These come in 4 colors HERE.  I wear size S.
Casual Jeans Outfit: grey button-neck tee + skinny jeans + white slip-on sneakers + metallic leather earrings Casual Jeans Outfit: skinny jeans + grey button-neck tee + metallic leather earrings + white slip-on sneakers
This is a linen blend, so while it’s not super thin, it feels more breathable than the other tees. It also drapes better. It’s still a super casual tee, but the buttons take it juuuuust a notch. Comes in 4 solid colors and 4 prints HERE.  I wear size S.
Casual Joggers Outift: camo v-neck tee + navy joggers + metallic leather earrings Casual Joggers Outfit: navy joggers + camo v-neck tee + metallic leather earrings
Breathe Joggers – size S
These joggers are pretty awesome! They are a thinner to medium weight and fairly breathable. They’re a sweat pant type of material, which means they’re not as thin as the StretchTech joggers I reviewed a while back. But they’re soft and breathable for sweatpants. They remind me a little of the PMT favorite Amazon joggers I talked about all last year and half of this year—the ones so many of you love!  But these come in more colors, yay!  Available in 6 colors HERE.  I wear size S.
Note: I’ve had these for a while but haven’t actually *worn* them because it’s been too hot.  So, I don’t know if the knees stretch out or how they wash.
Casual Jeans Outfit: yellow hoodie + distressed skinny jeans + metallic leather earrings
I haven’t owned a lot of hoodies since my college days. (College letter sweatshirts, anyone?) There are some cute ones out there though, and they’re great for comfy casual style!
This yellow one is thinner to medium thickness. It’s not the super soft, fuzzy inside type, but it IS soft in the sense that it’s not stiff and feels like it’s “worn in” in a good way. It’s lighter weight and not bulky, which makes it easy to wear all day.
It comes in 5 solid colors and 4 prints and regular and petite lengths HERE. Though, this yellow one, the pink Lady Guava, and Cool Tie Dye sweatshirts are a different material than the rest. I think these are thinner while the others are a little thicker and have the fuzzy inside.  Just a heads up!  I wear size M.
Fall Jeans Outfit: olive v-neck tunic + skinny jeans + white slip-on sneakers + metallic leather earrings
Tunic Tee – size S
This is a lightweight tunic tee that is long enough for leggings but works well loosely tucked into jeans as well.  (Due to its length, I would also probably do a loose tuck all around with jeans, actually.)  Comes in 6 colors and regular, tall, and petite lengths HERE.
Casual Leggings Outfit: pink tunic sweatshirt + black leggings + metallic leather earrings
Tunic Sweatshirt – size S
This tunic sweatshirt is fairly thin for a sweatshirt, made of French terry. Similar to the yellow sweatshirt above, while this is not super fuzzy inside, the whole thing has a really soft, worn feeling. i.e. It’s not stiff. It’s great for leggings and can be worn with jeans too. It‘s got a really straight shape though, so pass if that you don’t like that.  It comes in 6 colors and is available in regular, tall, and petite lengths HERE.  I’m wearing the color Painted Desert.
Casual Jeans Outfit: grey tunic top + skinny jeans + white slip-on sneakers + metallic leather earrings Casual Jeans Outfit: skinny jeans + grey tunic top + metallic leather earrings + white slip-on sneakers
Tunic Top – size M
I expected this to be more like a sweatshirt, or similar to the pink tunic above, but it’s not really. It feels more like a very, very thick shirt. It’s somewhat stiff, though that could soften up with washes, maybe. I also thought the bottom hem would be rounded as shown on the product page, but in true Amazon fashion–you don’t always get what’s on the page. 😂 The bottom is a tad straighter, which is fine, just not expected.
It’s a fine tunic that comes in a bajillion colors, and even in leopard print. I did not keep this as I think I’d rather add the pink tunic above in grey because it’s softer. However, if the tunic sweatshirt above doesn’t work for you, then this is an option to try. You can tuck this one also because of the side slits, whereas you can’t really do that with the Old Navy one above.
For sizing, I’d go for M if I kept this. I tried S and while it fit, the sleeves were a bit short, and overall it didn’t have the slouchy relaxed look that M does. However, M was a little harder to tuck as there was a bit too much material everywhere. Not a problem if you ONLY want to wear this as a tunic. Just depends on how you want to wear this. See all the colors and prints HERE!

Casual Fall Outfit Guide for At-Home LifeIf you want some inspiration for your casual style, check out the Casual Fall Outfit Guide!  Almost all of the pieces I reviewed today work for the outfits in this guide.

It takes a Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe and turns it into 60+ outfits casual for at-home activities such as online learning with kids, casual-work-from home days, errands, kid drop offs and pickups, family walks, leisurely bike rides, and more!

It’s also customizable to fit your colors and style preference (e.g. prints you like) and climate (warmer or cooler falls).

Learn more about the Casual Fall Outfit Guide HERE!

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