You’re Invited to my FREE Masterclass! 🎉 – The 3 Most Important Keys to Unlock Your Effortless Style

3 Most Important Keys to Unlock Effortless Style

3 Most Important Keys to Unlock Effortless Style

Hey friends!

You know my main mission with PMT is to make style EASY for you.  So today, I want to let you know I’m hosting my FREE master class once again, called The 3 Most Important Keys to Unlock Effortless Style!

I hosted this back in the spring, and people loved it, so I’m excited to do it again!

Before I tell you all about it, I want you to take a moment to reflect on how you feel about style right now.

Do you…

  • LOVE your wardrobe, or do you get frustrated when you open your closet?
  • feel like a style is effortless everyday, or do you only have a FEW outfits you love?
  • want to work on your style but have no idea where to start?

If you’re frustrated with your wardrobe or only have a few outfit you love, you are not alone!

Most women I talk to are struggling to dial in closets they absolutely LOVE and style that’s easy and effortless.

Their style feels hit-or-miss.  They have a couple of cute outfits they feel great in, but style’s not easy enough for them to do that everyday.

You know that awesome feeling you get when you wear a great outfit?  That doesn’t have to be for special occasions only–you can have that everyday, regardless of whether we’re talking casual outfits or dressing up.

Yes, friend!  Style can be effortless every single day.  But, most women don’t know what else to do to get there.  Raise your hand if you can relate!🙋🏻‍♀️

Ever felt like this?

Maybe you have gathered a few style tips along the way that have really helped, but something’s still not working–it’s still a bit of a struggle.

Maybe you have a few outfits you love, but you want MORE.  You want it to be effortless everyday but haven’t been able to crack that code.

Maybe you’ve wanted to work on your style but have no idea where to start.


Style doesn’t have to be complicated or mysterious

I want you to feel CLARITY and CONFIDENCE with style.

I’ve seen too many women spinning their wheels, stuck in constant trial-and-error with hit-or-miss style.

We’re gonna say NO MORE to that!

I want you to LOVE your wardrobe and be able to whip up awesome, confidence-inspiring outfits with EASE!

So, I’m hosting a masterclass on the foundations of style to help you out, and it’s totally FREE:

The 3 Most Important Keys to Unlock Effortless Style Everyday


3 Most Important Keys to Unlock Effortless Style

It’s based on my premium style course Simply Put Together, which has helped tons of women truly love their wardrobes and feel like style is easy.  (And BTW, Simply Put Together opens again next week!)

I want that for you too!  So, in this FREE masterclass I’ll be sharing the style roadmap that I use inside of Simply Put Together that will really change the game for your wardrobe.

In the free masterclass, I’ll walk you through:

  • The wardrobe mindset shift you need to stop buying pieces you don’t wear and start creating a wardrobe you LOVE
  • The biggest mistakes women make when trying to learn style
  • A simple style tool anyone can use to put together great outfits as easily as possible
  • The 3 most important style keys you need to master to make style easy

I’ll also share about Simply Put Together for those who’ve been interested.

At the end of the class, I’ll stay on for a Live Q&A!

I’ve got two time slots, so pick the time that best fits your schedule and jump in on this FREE masterclass:

  • Tuesday, 9/22 @ 12pm Pacific Time // 3pm Eastern Time
  • Thursday, 9/24 @ 1pm Pacific Time // 4pm Eastern Time

Also, I’m offering a BONUS just for those that attend this masterclass, so be sure to CLICK HERE to register!

Hope to see you there!

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