REVIEW: Old Navy Fall Staples – 30% OFF

Holy crap, Old Navy is killing it.  Like, murdering it.  I went into the store trying to kill time with Addie a couple of weeks ago when childcare canceled for that day.  I found so much goodness there that I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or cry for my wallet’s sake.  I came out of the store with nothing–but only to hit the online-only sale instead.  
Old Navy is essentially carrying my fall closet staples right now: a comfy grey dress, a comfy striped dress, olive / black / maroon skinnies, grandpa cardigans, and ankle boots, to name a few.  And stuff is 30% off at Old Navy right now HERE!
For reference, I’m 5’6″ and normally 6/8 or S/M and size 8.5-9 in shoes.
Grey Fit & Flare Dress – Wearing size M
This dress is thicker than your average t-shirt dress, but still soft and comfortable.  I love that it’s plain but has the fit and flare detail so that it’s not boring.  I have a short-sleeved, thinner t-shirt dress that I bought when I was pregnant.  It’s non-maternity but worked well when I was pregnant because I belted it, but lately I’ve been wanting to wear it but feeling like it doesn’t have enough shape on its own without a jacket.  That’s left it unworn for a while.  I’m hoping this grey dress with more detailing and structure will be a better option.
In the last shopping review post I showed the long sleeve swing dresses (HERE).  I was ready to keep all 3 colors and have been debating between them since that last post.  But finally, yesterday I decided that I wasn’t going to keep any of them and that this dress would be better.  Once I was honest with myself I knew that the swing dress didn’t look good on me layered with anything because of the high neckline, and for a cooler weather dress I needed to be able to layer it.  I tried the dress above with a cargo jacket, and liked it much, much better.
It’d be really cute dressed up with printed pumps and a necklace, great with booties and a cargo jacket, or work really well with sneakers or flats for a casual trip.  
This is the striped version.  So cute!  The striped dress I currently have is sleeveless and thin, so this one would be better for cooler weather.  
Also comes in maroon, red/black stripe, blue/black stripe, green/black stripe, and solid black.  Wearing Medium and it’s slightly loose on me.

Mid-Rise Skinnies in Olive, Maroon, Black, and Tan – Wearing size 10
I really like my tan rockstar jeans (HERE), and I thought these were the same but these are “sateen” and slightly thicker with a smoother finish.  I’m normally 6/8 on bottom but 10 fit well.  The rise is pretty high, coming up to my bellybutton.  I wish it were about 1-inch lower, but the tan jeans I already own are the same and they haven’t been a problem.

Olive, maroon, and black skinnies are three of my most worn bottoms in the fall and winter.  Every season I get asked for affordable options for olive and maroon skinnies, so if you’ve been contemplating them, try these!  See them in action from the 10 Pieces 14 Outfits packing list.

Quilted Vest – Size S
For a billion years (like since I was 17) I have wanted a puffy vest but didn’t get one for a few reasons.  For a while I thought they were pointless and didn’t really keep you warm.  Once I realized that wasn’t true and started searching for a vest, all of them were too puffy and looked strange on me.
This vest, however, is pretty thin and therefore lies flat and doesn’t add too much bulk.  I tried the Medium, but the chest was way too big for me.  Small is more fitted as you can see above.  However, I need to try it with long-sleeved shirts before I make my final decision.

If you’re looking for a warmer vest try this puffier one HERE which comes in 6 colors!  Otherwise, the one I’m wearing comes in navy and black also.

Textured Boyfriend Cardigan – Size S
I have a sweater similar to this that I call my “grandpa sweater” (HERE).  I’ve had it for nearly 5 years, also from Old Navy, but you know…it’s kind of dying as a result.  It has been the perfect layering piece over all of my plaid button ups, so when I saw this cardigan at Old Navy I was like YES, FINALLY!  I’d been waiting for them to return so I could replace mine.

This comes in two colors, this darker one and a beige/greyish one similar to my old one.  It’s super soft and has some stretch.  I’m wearing S above and tried M.  Medium was a little too loose on me.  I’ll need to wash this and see if it shrinks, but I have high hopes that it won’t.

I didn’t do a good job of showing it, but there are short slits on the side to give the cardigan some movement too.

This is a great casual top that’s really easy to wear.  It has sort of dolman sleeves with a high-lo hemline.  It’s really comfortable, though on the thinner side.  It’s not as thin as a t-shirt, but definitely thinner than a sweater.  It’s one of those tops you can throw on when you don’t know what else to wear, and you’ll look sporty with jeans and sneakers or could look classy with black jeans and heels.  
Also comes in maroon.
I tried the Dolce Vita Keiton booties (HERE) with some Shopbop credit, and while I wanted them to be a little darker.  I stumbled on these ankle boots at Old Navy and loved them!  They aren’t completely fitted around the ankle like the Dolce Vita ones, but they still hug my ankle in a way that doesn’t look super awkward like some other ankle boots look on me.
They look super cheap online (HERE) but look a lot better in person.  The back panel is faux leather, and I’ll admit that that part does still look a little cheap.  However, the suede part looks great, and it’s really comfortable!  The sole is rubber, and the footbed is mildly cushioned, but it does make a difference. 
Also comes in black, and the tan ones were selling out but fully restocked yesterday!

Perforated White Slip-on Sneakers – Size 8.5

These are from Zappos, not Old Navy, but I thought they were worth mentioning.  I saw these on Kilee from One Little Momma and totally fell in love.  I’d been contemplating the classic and popular Chuck All Stars (HERE) for a long time and ordered them twice trying to convince myself they work for me.  They don’t.  They go too far up my foot as well as flatten my foot too much so they look awkward on me.  My legs look a little more elongated when there’s some distance between the tongue of the shoe and my ankles.  These white shoes were the winners!
They’re reallyyyyyy comfy.  I don’t know what material the top is actually made of, and the product info only says it’s man-made, but it kind of feels like thin faux leather.  The top is flimsier than I thought it’d be, which makes me question durability.  However, it also means they bend nicely to my feet and are super comfortable.  It also seems like it’d be easy to wipe stuff off of them, unlike cotton that might absorb things. I haven’t actually tested that yet, but if they are indeed wipeable, that is a HUGE plus for white shoes!
I got these with some Zappos credit, but I really like them!  They’re on the narrow side, but if between sizes I’d size down since they would be long otherwise.  

Don’t forget about the 30% off at Old Navy!

Phone case is from Rifle Paper Co. HERE.

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