Polka Dot Top – 10 Ways

I’ve said in the past that I love a polka dot top because it’s got a neutral base but still has a pattern to make it interesting.  It’s become a closet staple for me because it goes with bottoms of all different colors, can be mixed up with tons of different necklaces or scarves, and can be layered under blazers, jackets, cardigans, or sweaters. 
Here are 10 ways I’ve worn my polka dot button up blouse so far.  It’s so versatile!  

Also, a polka dot button up can be worn pretty casually or be dressed up more for a business casual or business look.  Though I didn’t show any looks like this, a polka dot button up can totally be paired with trousers and with skirts!  Imagine this tucked into flirty skirts for a party or night out, or into a pencil skirt for another work look.  Gotta love it!  
Below are a few polka dot blouses with dots of different sizes and spacing.  The tops in the bottom row aren’t polka dots, but they provide the same versatility with a different pattern.  
Almost all of these are from LOFT or Nordstrom.  
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four  |  five  |  six

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