PMT Challenges FAQ: Spring 2018 Discounted + Summer Outfit Guide + More

Hey everyone! I wanted to pop in quickly and answer some questions I’ve been getting about PMT Challenges.

Will there be a Summer Challenge?

No, sorry!  The next official challenge will be in the Fall.  I didn’t know what life with a newborn and having two kids would be like, so I didn’t want to promise a summer challenge.

Instead, a bunch of women are working through the Summer Outfit Guide from last year (which is only $12.99).

The Summer Outfit Guide was the first PDF I ever created and was a precursor to the PMT Challenges.  It’s not as involved or developed as the PMT Challenges as there’s no extensive guide to help you shop, no coordination notes for putting together the summer wardrobe, and the outfits are not planned out for you in a wearable sequence.  Rather, it’s a 50+ piece summer wardrobe turned into over 65 outfits.  Katie and I updated the shopping links so they’re current. 

Above are 14 of the summer outfits!  You can see and shop the entire summer wardrobe HERE.  Plus you can see what those 14 outfits looked like on me!  I LOVED this wardrobe last summer—it was the first time I truly loved my summer style!


How can I know when the Fall Challenge will start?

It’s always announced on Facebook, Instagram, and the blog.  But the most certain way to get notified is to subscribe to PMT Emails.

This is actually the best way to stay updated on all things PMT.  They consolidate everything posted across the blog, Facebook, and Instagram and deliver them to your inbox, so you’ll never miss a post or a good deal.  Sign up by entering your info below!

Please note PMT Emails are *not* the same as email subscription via RSS.  If you did not get emailed about a $50 giveaway for Nickel & Suede last month, you are not subscribed to PMT Emails.  Switch your subscription by entering your info below.  

Join PMT Emails for the latest blog posts, style tips, outfit inspiration, new releases, special sale alerts, exclusive giveaways, and behind the scenes peeks!

When will the Spring 2018 Challenge be discounted?

Available now!  Get it for $19.99 HERE!


I want to do a challenge but don’t have a lot of clothes or a big budget.  Will this be right for me?

I get this question a ton when new challenges roll around.

Challenges can be helpful in building a wardrobe from nearly nothing, but I’ve learned that it can be overwhelming for many women.  Unless you’re up for diving head first into the deep end (which women have done and come out the other end with a great wardrobe :D) I feel Challenges are best when you already have a lot of clothes to work with and/or just need to fill holes to make it more remixable.

If you want to start with something on a smaller scale, STAY TUNED!  I have heard your wardrobe pains and I’ve been working on something just for you!

Have a great weekend, and happy Mother’s Day!!

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