Two Weeks of Summer Outfits!

A few weeks ago I posted my Summer Capsule Wardrobe (HERE).  YOU GUYS.  I’m so proud of this thing!!!

I’ve said many times before how much I HATED summer style.  It was the least developed part of my wardrobe even though it’s one of the longest lasting seasons where I live (we get summer weather June through Sept/October…I know it doesn’t compare to Florida, but it’s still 4-5 months nonetheless)!  For the last few summers, after the middle of July I was DONE dressing for summer.  I hated it.  I had no game plan for summer dressing, I was missing summer basics and overall lacked a cohesive wardrobe, and I always felt like I had nothing to wear.  Yet I still had about 3 months of summer weather ahead of me!  Bleh!

I’m SO happy I put time into developing a mix and match summer wardrobe over the last few months.  With this wardrobe, this summer I have been LOVING my summer style, where normally at this point I would be dying for fall clothes.

I just spent a few hours playing with the pieces from my summer wardrobe and pt together nearly 70 outfits!  And still, 30-50 more outfits could be made, but uhhh 70 seemed good for now.  😛

If you need some summer outfit inspiration, here are 2 weeks worth of outfits for you!  I even laid them out by days.

14 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas
Click image for larger view!

This is the same format I use in the PMT Style Challenges.  If you’re new around here and don’t know what the PMT Style Challenges are, read THIS post from the last Spring Challenge.  It’s basically a glorified version of what I’m giving you right now!  You get a wardrobe shopping list of roughly 30 items, ample shopping options for each with substitution ideas so you can also “shop” your own closet to fill the list, and 40-50 outfits laid out each day so that you’re not repeating things too often .  I basically dress you for a couple of months.  Plus you get access to a private Facebook group of other women who are doing the challenge.  Women post their outfits there (optional), as well ask for and give advice on style.  It’s THE BEST.  SERIOUSLY.  Such a wealth of knowledge and women of all sizes and ages (ranging from young 20s to mid 60s) giving great, tailored style advice to each other!  The next official PMT Style Challenge will open this fall!  

Here they are in live form!  Isn’t it fun to see them go from little graphics to real live outfits?  
Click image for larger view

If you’re thinking you can’t wear these outfits because you don’t have these exact pieces, don’t worry!  Go to my Summer Capsule Wardrobe and you’ll notice under each item there is a generalized description.  Pull something from your own closet that fits the description.  For example, if you don’t have a solid green top, the general description says “solid colored top,” so use any solid colored top you’ve got!  Similarly, if you don’t have a yellow skirt, but you have one in a different color, use that instead.  Or, if shorts are too casual for your lifestyle, use a skirt that matches the color description instead.  Think of these as outfit formulas rather than outfits you must replicate exactly in order for them to work.  🙂

(In the PMT Style Challenge I actually write out every outfit formula for you.  E.g.  Outfit #1 would say “solid neutral tee + printed skirt + colored flats.”  Makes all the translating much easier for you!


If it helps, here’s my Summer Wardrobe from THIS post.  I updated a few of the pieces since I first posted it, which are reflected below.  This is not an exhaustive list of all my summer-appropriate pieces, rather this is a collection that has become a foundational core for my summer wardrobe.  Hope that makes sense.  In other words, this list could meet almost all my summer needs, but I also have no problem adding to it!  In fact, I did–my cobalt blue dress isn’t even in it, among other things. 🙂

If you want to shop these pieces or lots of similar options, go to my original post for the Summer Capsule Wardrobe (HERE).

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

ROW 1:  printed tee  |  striped tee  |  navy tee  |  grey knotted tee  |  floral tee  |  floral cold shoulder
ROW 2:  lace top  |  green top  |  pink top  |  black floral print  |  yellow print  |  red print
ROW 3:  denim shorts  |  chambray shorts  |  white shorts  |  olive shorts  |  pink shorts
ROW 4:  yellow skirt  |  floral skirt  |  white skirt  |  blue striped skirt  |  denim vest  |  utility vest
ROW 5:  olive dress  |  printed dress  |  striped dress  |  yellow maxi  |  black maxi  |  bootcut jeans
ROW 6:  tan sandals  |  black sandals  |  metallic sandals  |  white sneakers  |  leopard sandals
ROW 7:  colored sandals  |  red flats  |  neutral wedges  |  cutout heels  |  yellow heels
ROW 8:  white tassel  |  gold pendant  |  turquoise pendant  |  wood watch  |  gold statement  |  turquoise statement

YOU CAN DO IT: Which of these outfit formulas you can take from this post to plan next week’s outfits? 

For more capsule wardrobes and outfits for fall, winter, spring, and summer, see the One Piece Many Ways tab at the top of this blog!

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