Jewelry Options with That’s Mine Boutique + Discount Codes and Gift Ideas

I don’t know what it is, but in the last month or so several of yall have asked about jewelry options for those who don’t like chunky statement necklaces.

I was going to do a shop intro for one of my favorite jewelry shops today, That’s Mine! Boutique, and since it has a variety of pieces I thought I’d take the opportunity to address the jewelry question too!

That’s Mine! is an Etsy shop run by Amy L. that features colorful handmade jewelry, along with some more simple and delicate pieces.  There is something for everyone in this shop, and one of my most worn necklaces is from here.  And, That’s Mine! has a special promo to offer us, which will not only be great for your own jewelry collection but will be great for giving gifts this season.

Onto the jewelry!

Statement Pieces
Even though we’re here to talk about pieces other than statement necklaces, I still wanted to show an option that’s a statement but not enormous.  Above is one of my most-worn statement necklaces, and it’s from That’s Mine.  (Find it HERE.)  Some statement necklaces can be pretty huge or get in the way, but this one, and many others from That’s Mine, very easily pull together an outfit without being too chunky and all over the place.

Pendants are a great alternative to a chunky statement necklace.  This is another one from That’s Mine that I love!  (Find it HERE.)  Pendants can be colorful like the one above or simpler and more neutral like this one, but regardless, they are a great alternative to statement necklaces and can pull together and focus a look with ease.

Statement Earrings
If you really don’t want anything substantial hanging from your neck, you can always do earrings!  First up, a statement earring.  Before blogging, I used to wear bold earrings all the time and seldom necklaces.  I had an enormous collection of earrings.  When I discovered blogs I got a little necklace obsessed, plus my hair often covers earrings, so boo to that.

In the outfit above I more or less recreated the outfit from the first picture with the statement necklace, except I used a simpler necklace and focused on earrings instead.

There are some really crazy statement earrings out there, but I like these green drop earrings from That’s Mine because they add a little color and some focus without being remotely crazy.  They come in a ton of different colors, and you can find them along with a few other styles HERE.

Simple Earrings
Lastly, if you don’t want bold earrings or a statement necklace you can go with a small, simple necklace and top it off with delicate earrings.  Don’t underestimate the impact of a tiny bit of color or shine next to your ear.  Even though small, I’ve seen outfits look way more polished with them than without.  
That’s Mine has quite a few earrings that are on the simpler end, which can be found HERE.  The ones I’m wearing came in a holiday mystery grab bag (which I’ll talk about below), and while I don’t know that I would have chosen them myself, I was really drawn to them when I opened the bag!  
I’ve actually been low key on the statement necklaces lately, mostly wearing the simple one in the pic above.  (And I actually can’t find 7 of my biggest and most colorful statement necklaces–the bib and bubble necklaces–because I have no idea which box I packed them in and we are still lightyears away from being settled into our new house.  Ha!  #movingsucks)  Anyway, these earrings are a wonderful complement to my latest necklace obsession and help bring more cohesion to the look.  Small details, man.

Even though my jewelry collection has a ton of statement necklaces, there are other alternatives.  😉  And, That’s Mine is a great place to get both statement necklaces and earrings as well as and simpler pieces!  

Discount Codes & Gift Ideas
Okay, remember those mystery grab bags I told you about?  Well, here’s the scoop.  These bags have a pair of those statement drop earrings I showed above (colors vary), as well as at least 3 more surprise pieces that total $100–all for only $25!  The drop earrings alone are $15, but with the grab bag you get at least 3 additional pieces for just $10 more!
That’s Mine’s shop owner, Amy, sent me a couple of grab bags to show you the kinds of pieces you’d get.  Here’s what were in mine:
Not only is it a pretty cost-effective way to add to your jewelry collection, but they also come in decorative bags that are ready to give as gifts!  It makes holiday shopping really easy.  And pretty.
ANNNNND don’t forget, I said Amy’s offering us discount codes!  That’s right.  Plural.  Here they are:

MYSTERY3 ($3 off grab bag)
THANKS10 ($10 off $50 purchase)

But, be warned: There’s a limited number of grab bags, so delay at your own risk.  Head over to That’s Mine to get yours!

I’m curious…which types of jewelry are you more inclined to wear?

Thanks to That’s Mine! for sponsoring this post.  And for making great jewelry.  🙂  All opinions are mine.  For more info on PMT’s sponsorship philosophies see disclosure.  

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