January’s Top 11 Best Sellers

January Best Sellers Putting Me Together

It’s time for a roundup of January’s Best Sellers! These are the items that your fellow PMTers checked out the most in January. They are mostly Amazon items, and many of them are really affordable. I hope this helps you find some gems!

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes. 

1. Amazon Essentials Polka Dot Blouse – size S
A black and white printed blouse is a great workwear staple to have, plus you can dress it down in elevated casual outfits with jeans or with corduroys. You can see it in the top middle picture above. This blouse is lightweight and easy to wear. It has a slightly wider (bateau) neckline and works pretty well in a loose front tuck. I tucked the back as well since it’s pretty long. Overall, great piece to have that is versatile and can be worn to work or worn in nicer casual outfits! It comes in 7 prints and sizes XS to XXL, HERE.

2. Amazon Essentials Sherpa-Lined Water Resistant Jacket – size L (though M fits with less bulky items underneath)
This is water resistant and lined with sherpa so it’s warm AND works in the rain. Very COZY! You can see it in the bottom left picture above. It also has a hood that is lined with sherpa, and the pockets are lined with sherpa, which keeps your hands toasty! The color in the very first picture is not very accurate, while the close-up in the second picture is. For sizing, when I got it in olive last year, I got size M. But I realized I wanted to be able to fit it over a sweater AND a fleece zip-up, so this time I sized up to L. While size M fits fine with a thinner sweater, and it does look a bit more formfitting, I have really liked the extra room that size L provides. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can order two sizes to find your best fit and use free return shipping to return the other size. It comes in 4 colors and 1 print, HERE.

3. Amazon Tapata Dress Pants – size M
These pants come in 14 colors and in regularpetitelong, and tall lengths. You can see them in the top right picture above. While this pair is not as comfortable as the Liverpool Kelsey Ponte Knit Pants that are my holy grail of work pants, they are stretchy and half the cost! Plus, during wintertime last year, they had pairs that were lined with fleece (!!) which I own, but I haven’t seen that option since and haven’t ordered a new pair to verify for you all either. Sorry about that! Either way, fleece or no fleece, this is a good straight leg pant option that is comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle, looks professional, will cover your ankles 😄, and comes in a lot of different lengths. Find them HERE. I wear size M.

4. Amazon Relaxed Sweater – size S
This sweater looked cute on the model and has great reviews. You can see it in the bottom row, second to last picture above. And while it’s a good sweater, I could not get it to look like how it’s shown on the product site, tucked into jeans, because of the slits on the side. You CAN tuck it if you tuck it in quite a bit, and all the way around, but that is typically not my style. However, if I get that expectation out of my mind, I can say this sweater does have some really good qualities! It’s really soft and hangs well. The material is a heavier weight, though it doesn’t weigh you down. It just feels substantial rather than light and airy. It’s comfy! It feels almost like a mix between a sweater and a sweatshirt, though it’s definitely a sweater. The sleeves have a bit more volume thanks to the fitted wrists, and that adds a nice detail. While I wouldn’t be able to wear it with jeans, it DOES work well with leggings. It has a lot of room in the torso and it’s on the longer side, so it hangs nicely over leggings. It’s currently under $28 with a special sale going on! It comes in 24 colors, including some prints, HERE. I wear size S.

5. Amazon Athletic Joggers – size M
These joggers are really sporty, so they’re great for athleisure looks and light activity. You can see them in the bottom row, last picture above. They have a pretty high rise and are thin and lightweight, made of super STRETCHY material. Really, really comfortable. They feel almost like leggings in the shape of joggers. So, if you like the idea of leggings but would rather have them in jogger form, these would be great to try! They’re available in 19 colors, HERE. I’m wearing size M in the color Wine.

6. UNIQLO HEATTECH Shirts – size M
I’ve talked about these quite a bit, but in case you don’t know about these and you want to stay warmer in the cold months, you’ve gotta know about these! HEATTECH is a very thin layer that you can wear under clothes to keep you warmer. You can see it in the bottom row, second picture above. It is softsmooth, and stretchy, and never loses shape. It is formfitting without squeezing you (unless you get the wrong size), so that you can have an additional layer without bulk. The sleeves are intentionally a little short so that the layer stays hidden under your shirts or sweaters. I also get the scoop neckline to stay hidden under open neck tops. They come in several colors, but I just have black and beige (a few of each). For sizing, I’m usually size 6 or S/M and get these in M. Find them HERE.

I wear one every day in the winter, under everything.

I find wearing a HEATTECH layer helpful for a couple of reasons. First, it keeps you warmer, period. Second, it allows me to wear long sleeve tees and blouses that typically might feel too thin or not keep me warm enough, even if paired with a cardigan. Having this extra layer of insulation makes more of my tops wearable options in the winter, which means you get to use more of your closet for more of the year.

7. Amazon High-Shaft Ankle Boots – size 9
These boots look beautiful, and I love how much they pop against black and navy. They have a high, narrow shaft, so they work really well under straight leg jeans and dress pants for work. I wear size 9.

8. Gap Corduroy Pants – size 28
These are really comfortable with lots of stretch. You can see them on me in the top middle picture above. I wear them in size 28 and own the color Bright Brown. I love these as an alternative to blue and black jeans. With the ankle length, you can wear them with booties that have a high and narrow shaft during the winter and low profile slip-on sneakers and flats in warmer weather. These are on MAJOR SALE right now, though they are final sale! Colors and sizes are limited, but there are several sizes available in the Regular length. Unfortunately, Petites are almost all sold out. These are made in sizes 24 to 35.

9. Amazon Hooded Sweatshirt – size M
This sporty sweatshirt is really cute with a modern, somewhat cropped silhouette. You can see them in the bottom row, last picture above. It has a front pocket, zip-up neckline, and a hood. It also has thumbholes, though they are a little short for me to wear comfortably. The sweatshirt is thick and has a fleece lining, and you can zip the neck all the way up to keep you warmer! I like that it’s sporty but still has a polished vibe, and it’s COZY! I’m not totally sure if I need it in my wardrobe, but overall it’s great piece to step up your athleisure outfits with leggings or joggers! You could pair it with jeans as well. And, it’s under $38! It comes in 7 colors, HERE! I’m wearing size M.

10. Amazon Thursday Boot Company Chelsea Boots
I don’t own these, but I think they look like such a great pair of casual, everyday boots. They are pretty pricey, though this company typically has great quality boots. However, there are several bad reviews for quality, BUT I noticed the bad reviews were mostly for the black and/or NON-suede ones. If I were to buy these, I would personally go for the Cognac/Suede ones anyway.

11. Kohl’s Textured Drop-Shoulder Sweater – size S
This sweater is a very affordable piece that is cozy but fairly lightweight, and you can wear it throughout the rest of the winter and into the spring. You can see it on me in the top row, first picture above. It comes in 10 colors (!!) and is only $21.60 in straight sizes and $24 in plus sizes. Check out all the colors in straight sizes, HERE. Find it in plus sizes, HERE. I wear size S.

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