FASTer Way to Fat Loss Round 2 Halfway Update – Next Round Begins Oct 15th!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss Round 2 Halfway Update

I’m near the end of Week 3 (of 6 weeks) of my second round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss.  Thought I’d give you an update!  I headed into Round 2 intending to get SUPER tight on nutrition and graduate from Beginner workouts to the At-Home ones.  Goshhhhh, you guys.  Who was I kidding?  Hahahaha!

I’ve got good news and bad news.  The bad news is that on the nutrition end, we just have too many times we’re out at parties to be super locked in.  We do it as best as we can most days, but there are usually several days each week where it’s hard to.  The good news?  This program is so flexible that I’m still trimming down!  I’ve enjoyed plenty of carne asada super quesadillas, Asian food of all sorts, and treats, and still making progress!  Just at a slower pace than I’d probably be at if I were locked in everyday, but results in the right direction are better than regressing.

More bad and good news?  Doing the At-Home workouts makes me workout less.  I don’t feel as good on them–even only doing 70% of each–and get tension headaches like I traditionally have with working out, despite foam rolling lots.  I didn’t get headaches with Beginner workouts.  Also, the At-Homes take longer which is demotivating for me!  I just want something quick, haha!  I’m thinking of adding extra reps and heavier weights to the Beginner workouts instead.


FASTer Way to Fat Loss Round 2 Halfway Update

Continuing to Tone Up and Lose Inches

Since the end of the 1st round and now close to the halfway mark into my 2nd round, I’ve continued to lose inches around my waist, hips, legs, and arms!  Can’t remember how many exactly at this point, but it’s pretty remarkable since I’ve only been working out 3/5 days and fudging the nutrition so much!

In the pic above, on the left is after the 6 weeks of my 1st round.  On the right is me yesterday, actually a bit bloated because it’s that awful time of the month 😭–I KNOW you all know the misery I speak of!  Haha!  But even bloat and all, the lumps are not fat–they’re my abs toning up a little! This picture doesn’t do it justice, lemme tell ya.  And, I’m not flexing!!  WHAAAAT?!  I know!  Remember this is after fudging the nutrition too many times and only working out 3/5 times or less per week so far.  I don’t even feel like the workouts included a lot of abs either.  They focus mostly on legs and back since those are your largest muscle groups.  The changes are subtle, but they’re there.  

Got over 3 weeks left of this round!

As a reminder, here’s my Before and After from 6 Weeks of Round 1:

I didn’t see results until Week 6 of Round 1.  Don’t get discouraged!

BTW, if any of you joined the last round of FWTFL and aren’t seeing results, keep with it.  In my Facebook group, people were talking about how their clothes were looser on like Week 2, and I was feeling nothing.  Week 3 finished, and I was like eh, I saw minimal results.  Week 4 hit and I was still questioning it.  I actually didn’t see significant results until Week 6.  And then for the next couple weeks after that (during the between period of the end of that round waiting for my 2nd round to start) I continued to trim out a bit even though I was pretty lax on the nutrition and only worked out 1/5 times per week.

Just stick with it all 6 weeks and see what happens.  Amanda (FWTFL founder) says the program is a minimum of 6 weeks because it takes up to 6 weeks to START seeing any changes in your body, and often for women it takes 12 weeks.  Don’t get discouraged by other people’s success stories.  Just give it a good effort for 6 weeks and do your best!

Yes, I absolutely believe it’s sustainable.

If you’ve wondered if this could be a sustainable lifestyle, based on how much I HAVEN’T met all the nutrition goals and am still losing inches 😯😬😂 I’d say absolutely yes.  Like I said, I’ve enjoyed plenty of carne asada super quesadillas, Asian food of all sorts, and treats, and still making progress!  Again, just slower than if I were eating 100% as recommended.  And if I were only in maintenance mode, not trying to trim down further, it’d be tooootally sustainable!

Next Round Starts Oct 15th

The next round starts Monday, but it is absolutely not too late and you won’t be behind.  Oct 15th starts Prep Week, NOT the official program.  Prep Week is when you get an intro to the course, spend time reading through the materials, and get oriented to the whole program.  Week 1 actually starts Oct 22nd!  If you have time next week to spend reading through the program, then you will not be behind at all.  Reserve a spot HERE!

Also keep in mind there are ALWAYS new rounds opening, so you will always have a chance to sign up!

Click here to join the next round of FWTFL!


If you already signed up or will sign up under me, I’m given your email address as one of my referrals.  I simply export all your email addresses and send the doc. If you want it, make sure you sign up through my link to be on my list.  If you don’t get an email from me by Day 2 of Prep Week, that means you didn’t show up on my list.  You can email [email protected] to let them know, and they will put you on my list.

I’ll send the doc on the start date of every round to whoever’s on my referral list.*  I know that SOUNDS “too late” for some, but DON’T WORRY!  The start date is just the beginning of Prep Week–a week where you aren’t expected to do the program yet.  Your sole job that week is to get acquainted with the materials, come up with a plan, and prepare.  You’ll have my food log right as prep week begins, and it’s better to have it after you’ve read all the FWTFL material first anyway!  Then you’ll know what the heck I’m talking about in the doc.  Thanks again if you sign up through me!


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This post is not sponsored in any way by FASTer Way to Fat Loss, nor did I get to try the program for free.  I registered for the two rounds myself.  However, I can earn a referral commission if you sign up through one of the links provided here.  If this post has inspired you or helped answer some of your questions in any way, I would be so appreciative if you signed up through one of my links!  Thank you!

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