Fashion Finds #1 – Shade Clothing: Basics & Striped Blazer!

Hey friends!  Today I’m starting a new feature called Fashion Finds!  There are a bunch of products and stores that I’ve wanted to gush to you guys about, so every once in a while I’m going to lump them into a Fashion Find post.  I hope these are helpful for you as you’re shopping around for stuff!

For this first one, I wanna tell you about a clothing company called Shade Clothing.  I discovered them from Elaine from Clothed Much and kind of became enamored.  The two main things I love about them are: 1) Free shipping & free returns!  HELLO, awesome.  2) Huge selection of cheap basics!

I bought this shirt for $6 and love it!  It’s really thick and not see-through, which I greatly appreciate.  Contemplating getting olive and/or grey too.

And then, if you follow me on Pinterest you might notice some striped blazers.  I’ve been pining for one but couldn’t pull the trigger on the $78 (Piperlime) or $98 (Express) options.  But Shade Clothing has a striped blazer for $33!!!!  I almost stopped breathing when I saw it.
1 // 2
It’s a pretty close match, and for less than half the price (and 1/3 the price of the Express blazer), I’ll take it!
I wanted this one to work out because Elaine from Clothed Much swears by it, but it was kind of strangling me.  It’s so cute, though, so at $15 with free shipping and free returns it’s worth a try!
shop – $15

Mint colored tee and tank!  I know a lot of you are looking for mint tees, and Target’s is hard to find these days.  YOU ARE IN LUCK.  I think Shade Clothing’s are great options.

1  //  2
And finally, this shirt is very similar to one I’ve worn in these posts: 1 & 2 .
Anyway, Shade Clothing is great for basics, has really great prices, and still has a few interesting things, like that striped blazer!  I <3.
Happy shopping!

NOTE:  While I do write sponsored posts sometimes and have affiliate links, this post was not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links for Shade Clothing.  This post was out of pure love for the shop and the clothes!

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