My Black Friday Sales List + Old Favorites On Sale

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, hope you all had a great one!  I’m really grateful for all of you for reading and following along, and also for any and all encouragement you’ve sent my way.  I know it takes time and effort to comment, and I’m really appreciative anytime one of you stops to give a word of encouragement.  I also really, really appreciate all of you who have written to tell me how the blog has helped you out.  It makes my day, and I’m grateful that you’d take the time to do that!
Now, onto Black Friday.  I always think I’m not going to care or that I won’t shop it because it’s too overwhelming and then I always do.  I was browsing for some over the knee boots (OTK boots) and saw a bunchhhh of things that I was so happy were on sale!  This year’s sale is GOOD!
Below is a combination of a) some things I’m considering buying, b) some things I know I don’t need but have tempted me time after time (I’m looking at you, Hunter Boots, TOMS Wedges, and Caslon Wedges), and c) items I own and LOVE that are on major sale, like my favorite grey tee, the white tunic you can see worn HERE, my tried and true maxi dresses, and a few others.  
If you’re shopping Black Friday, good luck!
Best Black Friday Sales
Links to Shop:
1. Dresses  |  2. Steve Madden OTK Boot  |  3. Sam Edelman OTK Boot  | 4.  UGG OTK Boot
5.  TOMS Wedge Bootie  |  6. Wedge Bootie  |  7. Initial Necklace  |  8. Maroon Cardigan
9. Distressed Jeans  |  10. Blouse  |  11. Hunter Boots  |  12. Printed Maxi Dress  |  13.  Solid Maxi Dress
14.  Leggings  |  15. Grey Crossbody  |  16. Puffer Vest  |  17. Grey Tee

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