Memorial Day Packing List – 9 Pieces, 8 Outfits

A few people have asked for a Memorial Day packing list, so here’s one with 9 pieces turned into 8 outfits!

I don’t know what your Memorial Day plans usually consist of, but ours are pretty low key and relaxing.  They usually include a BBQ or two or three, so I created this list around that.  We never travel for Memorial Day, but I imagine if we did, our weekend would include a BBQ, a lot of lounging around either at someone’s house or on the shore by the beach, and a couple dinners and brunches out.
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I chose 9 pieces, including 3 tops, a comfy jersey dress, two bottoms, and two types of flats.  As always, adapt the list to whatever your preferences are.  If you’re not into the colors or patterns chosen, you can also use the generalized descriptions below each piece as a starting place.  Maybe orange red isn’t your color–do a solid green top instead.  Maybe you don’t like white jeans.  Try another color, or just dark wash jeans.  If it’s warm where you are, do shorts instead of jeans.
One top is a graphic tee or could be a plain tee.  The other two tops are nicer than t-shirts but not quite “blouse” status–the kinds that could be either casual or a little dressier.  Psstt…the orange red top is the same as the white lace tee I featured yesterday (HERE).
The dress is cute and easy–and has pockets!  As you’ll see below it can be casual with sneakers or dressed up for brunch with a statement necklace.
Also, I didn’t purposely pick a red, white, blue theme!  It was coincidental but worked out nicely!  You could also use this list for the 4th of July.
Below are 8 outfit options:
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This list should give you ample options for a weekend of different types of activities.  If you need more options than this, adding just *one* more top that goes with the two bottoms and your shoes will add 2 more outfits.
Happy planning!

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