Tone It Down

Top: Old Navy  |  Red Skinny Jeans: Buffalo Exchange  |  Shoes: Target  |  Necklace: Etsy (shop)  |  
I debated for months about whether or not I’d buy red skinny jeans (and/or green and blue), and in the end I decided I wouldn’t.  But, when you find a well-fitting pair at a consignment store, you kind of have to get them.  It’s the rule.
I ran through a bunch of color options to pair with these red skinnies, like black, white, navy, and even coral, but those combos felt too bold for the softer vibe I was feeling on this particular day.  I wanted to wear red pants, just toned down a little.  Then I remembered seeing Jodi pair red with brown and felt it fit my mood perfectly.  And, BTW, did you know when you wear red pants you get stared at a lot?  
You might notice these pics are a lot better than my normal ones.  You can thank my friend who happened to have his camera while we were together (and happens to be one of my few friends who knows about my secret little style blog).  🙂
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