REVIEWS: Spring Tops and Shoes + Nordstrom Triple Points Spring Recs

Happy Saturday!  Today I’m reviewing some items I’ve added to my closet lately.  Even though I’ve shown many of them on the blog already, I wanted to write a “formal” review for them for the archives.  
Also, in light of Nordstrom offering triple points through tomorrow (Sunday), I’ve also included a roundup of some of my Nordstrom favorites for spring.  Here goes!
For size reference I’m 5’6″ with a short torso.  Normally size S/M or 6/8.  Size 8.5 to 9 in shoes.
Bell Sleeve Top – size S
This shirt is very, very soft and comfortable.  I have been slow to the bell sleeve trend, but a top with these smaller bell sleeves is a perfect onramp for me.  Someone in the PMT Style Challenge called them “beginner” bell sleeves, which is exactly how I feel about them, hehe.  It also has a nice open, almost boat neck neckline.  
I’m not sure how it washes yet.  I could see it pilling a little and needing a sweater shaver. (I own THIS one.)  I also can’t speak to shrinking yet.  
There is an inner flap at the neckline that some reviewers found annoying because it’s not sewn down.  I’ve usually worn this with the crystal necklace above, and it provided enough weight to hold down the flap so that it was never an issue for me.  I don’t know if that’d be the case with a pendant.
In the PMT Style Challenge FB group people asked if these sleeves could be worn with utility and denim jackets.  The answer is yes because the bells are very small.  
Comes in 4 colors!  
Crystal Circle Necklace
I didn’t take closeup pics because the product image is better.  See it HERE.  I used this in the PMT Style Challenge list (read about the Style Challenge HERE) after seeing it on some ladies who did the winter challenge.  It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, and it’s currently on sale for about 50% off!  It is a tad shorter than I want it to be (18″ with 3″ extender), so I actually just added a little string to the back to extend it more to what you see above.
Striped Bell Sleeve – size M
Let me start off by saying THIS IS CURRENTLY $16.83 WITH CODE SAVE15!  This is from Kohl’s, and I showed this on Instastories already. I couldn’t find it online at the time so I just said to check in store.  Thankfully some people found it online and let me know!  (Thank you again!)
I’ve had a $50 gift card to Kohl’s for a couple of years, so I was more than happy to finally make a dent in it with this top.  A small dent though, because this is so cheap!  
It’s not cotton material, rather like a stretchy kind of spandex-y material.  It’s a very similar silhouette with the “beginner” bell sleeves like the one above.  I mean, those beginner bell sleeves have really got me!  And stripes.  Obviously, I couldn’t pass it up–especially with a gift card that’d been burning a hole in my pocket for 2 years!  
These are also in the pic above with the striped bell sleeve top.  I’ve talked about them before HERE  but these are quite comfortable for having a heel.  Usually I can’t walk in heeled shoes for very long periods–like I wouldn’t run errands in them–because my toes get squished to the front being at an incline.  But these?  I totally DID run errands in them and I was completely fine!  So much so that I’m ordering them in taupe from Nordstrom because TRIPLE POINTS.  (I don’t know if I’ll keep them, but at least wanted to see the color first.)  I put a thin insole in them to provide some cushion.  But otherwise, I could really do some heavy walking in these.  I’m surprised.
Come in brown as shown, black, and taupe HERE.
Ruffle Tee – size M
I also showed this before HERE, but it’s sold out in several sizes.  It comes in a blue-ish color that I like also.  I LOVE this twist on a basic grey tee.  You get the comfort and ease of wearing a t-shirt but look like you tried so much more.  Super easy to wear!  
Lace Up Booties – size 8.5

I’ve been showing these shoes but hadn’t been able to find them online.  When I bought them they were nearly sold out in store as well, so I thought they were done and gone.  But NOPE, they’re online finally (HERE)!  These are a dupe of a very expensive Jeffery Campbell pair at Nordstrom, but these are $38.  So. Cute.

I would not call them comfortable, but they are pretty normal for Target shoes.  Over the last couple of years you’ve seen me make the switch to much more comfortable shoes (and usually more expensive) shoes, so my rating scale has changed.  The upper is kind of stiff and not very flexible, but they’re not so uncomfortable that I wouldn’t wear them.

Because the upper is stiff, I had to loosen the laces a LOT, but I was grateful that I could do that with this design.  You can give yourself almost as much flexibility as you need by loosening the laces.

Cutout Heels – size 8.5
In contrast to the previous pair, these are SO comfortable.  These are from Nordstrom, but there is a lookalike pair from Target HERE.  I found the Target pair extremely uncomfortable, though reviews say otherwise.  The Target pair is stiff–stiffer than the previous Target pair above.  And the toes pinched me, but I couldn’t widen them like the previous pair because there is a closure at the toe.  Also, the heel hit me right on the arch which was actually incredibly painful.

The Nordstrom pair shown above has a very, very flexible upper.  It’s soft and pliable.  The heel is sooo comfortable and easy to walk in.  I walked MILES in these one day and my feet didn’t hurt.  Someone else said the same in the PMT Style Challenge FB group. (Hi Christine!)  One thing I am concerned with with the Nordstrom pair is the laces.  They are not fabric, rather are the same faux-leather material as the upper.  I worry if I pull them too hard they may snap apart over time, so I’m trying to be gentle with them.  However, I’m sure they can be replaced with regular fabric laces.

The pain points of the Target pair might be specific to my feet, but those cost $33 and the Nordstrom pair is on sale for $49.90.  For how uncomfortable the Target pair is and how super comfortable the Nordstrom pair is, I think it’s worth the slight $17 difference to get a pair you can walk in all day.

These come in 4 colors HERE.

I’m in love with all those pieces!  And, remember, it’s a triple points event with Nordstrom right now so I’ve rounded up more pieces that I love!

Also, if you didn’t know, Nordstrom has AMAZING customer service.  I’ve found a lot of regular Nordstrom shoppers don’t know some of these things.

  • Shipping is FREE–both to you and return shipping.  Always, always free.
  • Their return policy is VERY generous.
    • There’s no actual time frame you have to return things within.
    • You can return things you’ve worn.
    • You don’t need a tag on items you’ve returned.  Nordstrom can usually track it, especially if you’ve bought it with a Nordstrom card.
    • Obviously, don’t abuse the generous return policy.  But if something you’ve worn gets a hole in it or shrinks when it should be new-ish or has only been worn a few times, I’d feel totally comfortable returning it.  However, if you’ve loved a pair of jeans and worn them to death and try to return them 2 years later to be cheap, that’s obviously abusing the policy.  (Though I’ve read stories of people doing it and Nordstrom taking it back!)

These are just to say with Nordstrom, I always just buy the items to try, especially since shipping is free both ways.  They include the return label in the box and everything so that you don’t even have to go to the post office.  Just give it to your mail carrier.  So, if you’ve been thinking about getting anything, just go for it!  Especially during triple points time!  😀

Links to Shop:
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Special Notes & Sizing:
For reference, I’m 5’6″ with a short torso and normally size S/M or 6/8.  Shoe size 8.5 to 9.  

2.  Grey Tee (HERE) – I wear size S.  Be warned that there are mixed reviews about these tees getting little holes in them because they are fairly thin.  That has not happened to me yet, however it has happened to lots of people.  But, nothing beats the drape on these tees plus the heather grey.
3.  Blush Bell Sleeve Top (HERE) – I wear size S.  See review above and see it on me HERE.
6.  Black Maxi Dress (HERE) – I wear size S.  I hand wash and air dry.  
7.  Tunics (HERE) – I wear M.  It says dry clean only, but I never do!  I usually hand wash and air dry, but I’ve also machine washed and thrown it in the dryer and they still look new.  Multiple readers have said they machine wash and dry and after *years* they still look new.  See my outfits with the white one HERE and a very similar blush one HERE.
8.  Cutout Heels (HERE) – I wear size 8.5.  See review above.  See them on me HERE.  
9.  Booties (HERE) – I wear size 9.  See review above.  See them on me HERE.
10.  Grey Ruffle Tee (HERE) – I wear M.  See review above and see it on me HERE.
Lastly, another quick reminder to check out the PMT Style Challenge.  If you’re into remixing your clothes or you’re looking to grow your style, check out the challenge HERE.  Registration opened last Friday, 3/17, and the challenge will begin on 4/3.  Hundreds of women are already signed up and are active in the Facebook group (only available for those doing the challenge). Women of all ages, sizes, and work situations are in it, and they’re giving each other GREAT advice to build wardrobes they love!  We even have a few pregnant ladies.  Check it out and join us HERE!

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