Short survey on giveaways and featured posts. Help a sister out!

Hey guys, help a sister out.

I’ve been contacted by a number of different companies that are not within the typical product scope or price range of what I feature here, but I wanted to hear your thoughts.

1. Non-clothing, non-accessory related giveaways

I’ve gotten a few inquiries for giveaways from non-clothing, non-accessory companies.  I usually turn them down, but since I have another handful of non-style related inquiries I wanted your opinion.  Because…what if my assumptions are wrong about you guys not wanting them, and what if you actually DO want them?  Just thought I’d ask.

Please hear me very carefully: I am not planning to change the content or course or focus of this blog or the rhythm of how and what I post.  I am basically just asking about the Sunday giveaways and maybe an occasional sponsored post on things not style-related.

2.  Higher priced clothing companies

Secondly, sometimes well-known clothing companies contact me wanting to collaborate but I turn them down because their price point is higher than the usual $50 average limit I work with here.  But, I realize that not ALL of us here hesitate about a $78 or $289 price tag for a shirt like I do.

Would you be interested in OCCASIONAL featured clothing posts that offer deals but are still in a higher price range?  (Key word is occasional.  Again, don’t worry, I’m still a budget shopper at heart and I know the majority of you appreciate that items here are under $50.  I hear ya, so relax.  Most of the regular content on here will stay in the $50 and under category.  Just trying to get a feel for how many here don’t shop within that limit.)  

I don’t want to just say YES to companies so that I can earn more.  I’m committed to bringing you guys giveaways and introductions to companies that I hope will interest you.  Sometimes I take risks that may or may not end up being good.  If they don’t jive well with you I learn from them.  Other times I will say no to things that maybe you guys would actually like, which is why I’m asking for your feedback.  I don’t want to hold back good things from you either!  🙂

Thanks in advance for filling out the survey to help me know how to make this blog better for you.

See my Disclosure page for policies on sponsored posts and stuff like that.  Link is always at the bottom of the blog.

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