Shopping Help: Old Navy Finds – Wardrobe Staples & More

Whoa-migosh.  I haven’t been shopping much these days.  Since November I’ve only made two purchases–this watch and a sweatshirt to work out in.  Whoopdedoo.  Until yesterday, that is.  I went to Old Navy, and hot dang there were some great pieces!  Pretty proud of myself for only walking out with two things.  
Someone on Instagram joked about there being an “Audrey” section, saying that there was an entire display that looked like it was from my closet.  I can totally see why.  There are a bunch of pieces currently in store that are my wardrobe staples, so I featured them below along with some other pieces I checked out that were notable.  
I also linked to my archive of all the ways I’ve worn a piece below, if it is one of my closet staples.  
Links to Shop:
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four  |  five  |  six
seven  |  eight  |  nine
ten  |  eleven  |  twelve

Option 1 – I have this in white, and I like it so much that I bought it yesterday in this light blue.  It’s a really great weight.  Not flimsy, but not too stuff.  Great for layering or wearing by itself!  It functions with the same versatility as a chambray button up except it’s a better for professional and polished looks.  I scored it for $12!  This runs pretty large.  I’m usually S/M at ON and got this in XS.

Option 2 – Always a fan of stripes!  Ways I’ve worn mine HERE.  

Option 3 – I didn’t see this in store, but I wish I had.  Such a pretty color!  Comes in 4 colors.

Option 4 – Ways I’ve worn my pink blazer HERE.  Currently on sale.  

Option 5 – This is ponte or jersey knit.  Super comfy.  Comes in a solid heather grey too.  I liked the weight of this blazer, as it wasn’t too thin but still comfy.  Ways I’ve worn mine HERE.  

Option 6  – This is the other piece I walked away with yesterday, also cheaper in store.  I was pleased that it managed to be chunky cardigan but form fitting and sleek–even less bulky than it looks in this image.  Still need to play around with it in my wardrobe to see if I’ll keep it though!  

Option 7 – Comes in 8 other prints and a bajillion other solids.  Have you guys tried ON’s pixie pants?  They’re pretty comfortable with ample stretch!  I need to spend a little more time trying on the different materials and pant lengths they now have to find one that works for me, but I will say the stretch makes them super comfy.  

Option 8 – More pixie pants.  I loved the idea of these, but something about the color emphasized the junk in my trunk in an unflattering way!  

Option 9 – Plain t-shirt dress!  I’ve been wearing mine more than I thought I would.  See the ways HERE.  //  Comes in solid black, a floral print, red/white stripe, and black/white stripe.  

Option 10  – Another one I didn’t see in store but wish I had.  Fun print that can be worn casually, for work, or for going out.  

Option 11 – Great option for a plain top with some special detailing.  Makes it really easy to dress up or down.  

Option 12 – Another one of my wardrobe staples!  Ways I’ve worn mine HERE.  
Option 13 – Aren’t polka dot sweaters adorable?  Mine is the reverse colors, white background with black dots, but see it HERE.  

Option 14  – I like this one even more up close.  The print is black/white with some flecks of pink!

Option 15 – Also comes in black/white.  Another one of my staples, seen HERE.  

If you are trying to build a wardrobe right now, I strongly suggest checking out Old Navy!  And if you’re trying to not buy anything, I strongly suggest staying away from Old Navy and closing this post ASAP!  Haha!  
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