September Sponsor Love

It’s time to introduce you to our lovely sponsors for the month!  If you haven’t yet, check out these sites to say hello!
Go Chic or Go Home is an AWESOME, friendly, down-to-earth style community, and it is definitely worth checking out if you are trying to work your own closet!  You can find tons of real-life outfits to inspire you, post your own outfits for your reference (without having to maintain a blog), use the virtual closet to help you create ensembles for later and help remix your wardrobe, and earn points towards SHOPPING(!!) at stores like J.Crew, ASOS, and Madewell simply when you comment or upload your own pictures.  Why wouldn’t you want to be part of this community?

Here’s a peek inside:

GCOGH is definitely something worth checking out if you are trying to work your own closet!  And it’s totally free, so give it a shot!

P.S. Check out their Facebook page–they give away free stuff like $50 gift cards to any retailer GCOGH works with–like J.Crew and ASOS to name a couple!

Bonnilu is an Esty shop filled with SUPER DUPER CUTE earrings!  And prices are reallyyyyy affordable.  (Like $8!)  I mean, how cute are the ones below?  Shop owner Bonnie takes delight in creating simple, but colorful jewelry.  I LOVE how her color choices are playful yet sophisticated.
I am definitely getting a few pairs for my friends for Christmas!
Shop at Bonnilu now!

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Miranda blogs at Shop & Twirl, a style blog that has recently entered the scene!  She posts outfits that show her playful and colorful style.  And in a recent post, she gives some helpful advice for How to Buy Shoes Online.  Pop over to her blog to say hi!

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Morgan blogs over at Mama Loves Papa about marriage, family, faith, and her four adorable children.  Read about their adventures over at Morgan’s blog!

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Here’s the bottom line: If you haven’t read Merrick’s Art yet, you need to go do that right now.  Merrick is a whiz with the sewing machine and offers fantastic, EASY tutorials on how to refashion garments or how to make your own clothes.  Check out one of her latest tutorial on a refashioning a blazer!

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