REVIEWS: Old Navy and LOFT Dresses and Sweaters

I found some pieces I’m really happy about from Old Navy lately and wanted to share them!  They are currently having a 30-40% off sale too!  I also tried some pieces at LOFT, which is also having a 40% off sale.  
For sizing reference, I’m 5’6″ with a shorter torso, and I’m normally size S/M or 6/8.

Swing Dress – size M
These swing dresses are made of super soft, stretchy, comfortable jersey fabric.  I don’t love Old Navy’s rayon dresses, but I have usually loved their jersey dresses like these.

These come in 3 neutrals and 3 prints.  I chose solid maroon because I have printed blanket scarves that this dress would be a great background for.  I also chose a printed one which can be layered with all the usual completer pieces for fall but will give my outfits more interest without needing to add more layers if I don’t want to.

They are fairly thin (but not see through) and can be layered with cozier and warmer items or paired with tights.  They are sooo soft and comfortable!

See the 6 color/print options HERE.  Currently 40% off with code FALL.

Textured Pullover Sweater – size M
I don’t know why, but I used to think pullover sweaters didn’t work for me.  I think maybe it was difficult to find ones that weren’t very fitted but were a little looser.  Last year I finally found a couple of looser fitting ones, and I’m happy to add a couple more to the collection with the ones above.

I picked these up just a couple of weeks ago.  They are on the thinner side, or maybe a better way to describe it is the knit is more open so it’ll add some warmth but probably not make you toasty.  I was really drawn to each of these colors.  The sea green is a nice way to brighten up fall and winter wear, and the camel is nice and rich, which I prefer to a more faded tan that I often find with similar colored sweaters.

Above I showed the green in small and medium.  The small technically fits, but I don’t like how it emphasizes my hips.  It was too fitted for my taste, and I prefer the looser fit of the medium.  It’ll also be easier to layer button ups underneath.  
I also REALLY like textured sweaters.  That’s another thing I discovered that made me realize I like pullover sweaters.  Plain, smooth pullovers really didn’t work for me and looked too plain or too preppy, or…I don’t know.  But, textured ones just WORK!  
They come in 4 colors HERE.  Currently 40% off with code FALL.

Textured Pullover Sweater #2 – size M
I bought this exact sweater last year, and it’s available again this year!  It was one of the “couple of looser fitting ones” that I mentioned above, so I’m glad it’s back.  Of course, it’s textured.

This is thicker than the ones above, but similarly, the knit is a little open.  If you are looking for a super duper warm cozy sweater, I doubt either of these will do the trick.  That said, this one kept me warm on cooler days in January, and if I layered something underneath it was quite toasty.  See the ways I’ve worn it HERE.  It’s available in 6 colors HERE and currently 40% off with code FALL.

Smock Dress – size S Tall
This is the dress I mentioned in the last review post HERE that I said I really wanted to work because I could see it layered with tons of stuff.  I’m super glad to say that the Small Tall worked out in length, and it fits better all around than the S or M in regular sizing.  However, I still don’t like the seaming, especially with my smaller chest.  The whole thing looks weird from the side.

Instead, I like the first dress I showed above (THIS one) much better, and it works even better and is more comfortable.

Peplum Top #1 (Navy Plaid) – size S  //  Peplum Top #1 (Purple Swiss Dots)
I really like these fake layered mixed media sweaters, so I was compelled to try a couple at LOFT.  These sweaters tend to be super thin (3 I tried at LOFT and 1 from Old Navy below).  I like them because they provide the interest of a layered look without the fuss of actually layering layering–great for warmer climates and for comfort, honestly.

In particular, the ones above are very soft and have a cute button back detail that can be seen on the product page HERE.  I had a hard time choosing between them, but ultimately I kept a grey version.  It’s unavailable now, and when I ordered it it was only available in petite, which happened to work for me.  The ones above are both on sale, PLUS an extra 40% off!

Chiffon Hem Sweater – size M
This one is from Old Navy and is noticeably looser.  I prefer one of the LOFT ones above, but this could be a good option to try if you want something looser.  Overall, though they are nearly the same in thinness, the LOFT sweaters just felt better.  You also get more detailing for just a little bit more money (at least, compared at the current sale prices).

Peplum Top #2 – size M
People love this one in reviews, and while I think it’s VERY cute, it didn’t work well for me.  The top half is thicker than the other two sweaters shown above, but it is also a little stiffer and tighter.  That would be okay, except the side profile isn’t great on me.  Much too poofy, but it might look better on someone with narrower hips than me.

Sunday Tee – size S
Last is this soft, comfy graphic tee!  A cute tee to have for a chill day.  I also tied the Medium, and while there wasn’t a huge difference in the torso between S and M, the shoulders were wide on me in Medium.

Get it for 40% off HERE with code FALL.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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