Passed Up

Dress: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Bracelet: Kohl’s
Wedges: Target (shop)
I’ve seen this dress on so many style blogs, but I also saw it in the clearance rack for $6.48.  Did you really expect me to pass that up?
Well, I probably would have passed up this dress had I not seen it on Kendi first.  It looks so plain and baggy by itself, but with a little belt and some jewelry it easily turns into a cute piece of work.  In fact, so cute that two Nordstrom saleswomen were talking about how much they liked my outfit!  Like I learned from Hillary Duff, accessories can really make or break an outfit, and it kind of feels empowering to see a garment and be able to imagine many possibilities for it instead of taking it at face value.  On the other hand, it also makes me take longer to decide if I want to buy it!
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