You Live, You Learn. #16 and #17

Outfit #16: Forever 21 top, shorts, belt | Target blazer | DSW flats
Outfits #17: Forever 21 top & belt | New York & Co. jeans | Target wedges

When: July 8, 2011

Another double header with outfits 16 & 17.  This is what I wore on the day we left for vacation.  I wore outfit #16 during the day and changed into jeans to get on the plane that evening.

I’m not sure I like the first outfit.  I like the idea of a blazer with shorts, but this top was giving me a hard time.  I would rather have not belted it, but it was too loose for the blazer.  Also, I think the pastel/light color thing with the added bonus of lace just isn’t me.  I like that look on other people, but I’m concluding that bolder, brighter colors and patterns suit my personality better…and my skin tone!

So, I’m not in love with the outfit but I learned something, and I at least feel good about that.  🙂  You live, you learn, right?  Right.

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