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That’s right–we’re expecting a baby!  We are overjoyed, grateful, and totally freaking excited!  
ultrasound at 8 weeks

I’m 15 weeks along–closer to 16w at this point.  
I’m glad to say it’s been a pretty tame pregnancy so far.  Mostly I was brain dead at 3pm during the 1st trimester and felt ever so slightly queasy at 5pm everyday.  Never to the point of throwing up though, thank God!  In terms of typical stuff like going to the bathroom often, having a bad memory, and having a stronger sense of smell, that was all true of me before I was pregnant, sooooo pretty much I’ve been training for those my whole life.  😉
Other than that, I’ve been learning to slow down and realizing that my capacity to get ish done isn’t the same as it used to be…and learning to be totally okay with that!  *tipping my hat to all the moms in the house*
On the Blogging Front
People keep talking to me about whether or not I’m going to do maternity wear on the blog now.  The answer is yes, and also…kind of.  I don’t really know what they mean by that question.  I’m going to be pregnant, so naturally, yes, of course there will be maternity clothes on here.  I will be dressing for my body, like I always have…it will just be in a different form.  It’s gonna be hard to hide!  Plus, maternity wear is a piece missing from this blog that I’ve wanted to fill for a long, long time.  
BUT, at the same time I’ve always tried to generalize tips and tricks as much as I can to broaden them from my style or size and translate them to something that can work for you.  Sure, there will be daily outfits of me dressing my pregnant self and some maternity talk, but generalizing tips and tricks is something I hope to continue no matter what my body shape is.  We’ll see, though!  Who knows that my future self will really do?
I don’t know that I’ll be writing a whole lot about pregnancy here, but I’ve been quiet on Instagram because all I’ve wanted to do is post silly things about pregnancy and couldn’t share yet.  Now that the cat’s out of the bag, you can follow along there if you’re interested!
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