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Today I want to feature some products from our sponsors because, DANG, they are pretty.  Aren’t they PRETTY?
1.  That’s Mine Boutique, featuring some very cheerful jewelry:  coral  |  clear  |  grey + yellow.  Look at those colors!  Cheerful, right?  I own the grey + yellow one shown above and besides that it matches my blog design, I also love that it is super light.  Sometimes people worry about statement necklaces being too heavy for them, and while I can’t speak for the other two necklaces shown above, I know that the grey + yellow one is a great way to make a statement without putting strain on your neck!
2.  Christine Marie B.  You should already know her from the giveaway that’s happening right now, but let’s talk again about how cute her stuff is.  She designs pre-made and custom made iPhone cases, iPad cases, and even custom stamps!  She’s got tons and tons and tons of designs, so check her out if you haven’t already.
3.  Calpyte Collections has really edgy and unique jewelry.  We’re talking chunky chain jewelry, spikes, crystals, and gemstones.  Now that’s a statement!  
Don’t get lost in all the pretty colors!
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