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It took me a long time to figure out why this outfit looked so familiar to me, but it finally dawned on me that I’d seen a similar outfit from an Anthro or Ruche ad some time ago.  I don’t have time to search for it to show you, but I think it was maroon pants with a lightly colored dotted top and a light sweater over it.  I loved it back then and still love it now!  
This top is one of my favorite pieces, especially during colder seasons for some reason.  It layers really well with cardigans and sweaters, and it goes with basically any pair of pants I own.  I try not to tell collective masses of people that they NEED something, but I will say that I’d highly recommend a top like this.  Option #1 from Kohl’s below is a nice semi-sheer that has a sort of scratched dots look like the one I’m wearing.  And then Option #2 is a really cute option from LOFT and everything’s 40% off right now!
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six

Shop for the Look:
Top: H&M (similar, similar)
Jeans: Target (similarsimilar, similar)
Bag: Target (exact)
Shoes: H&M (similar–in Black Suede 2, similar)
Necklace: c/o Love Shopping Miami (almost exact–PMT10 for 10% off)

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