Top: Target ($8)  |  Blazer: Target (gifted, $8)  |  Jeans: NY & Co (?)  |  Shoes: Target $25 (shop)
Scarf: H&M ($3)  |  Ring: c/o Ellaine Calas of Stella & Dot (shop)

Am I really pattern mixing again?  Already??  Who am I, and what have you all done to me?  
I want to say a little hello to all the new readers as of late!  It’s a weird feeling that as the blog grows I feel less of a connection with you all.  I love when you comment because it gives me a sense of who you are and helps me feel connected.  But, whether you follow from afar or you comment everyday just to say hello, I’m so glad to have you as part of this journey!  🙂
Coming down the pipe, I have a handful of ideas for posts in which I talk about what I’ve learned over the last 5 months and how I’ve been redoing my closet.  Hopefully I can get them out of my head and start pumping them out on the blog!  
P.S. I love our Christmas tree!  Even though Kimmie told me on Twitter that her 2 year old does this, I’m not ashamed to tell you that every time I walk by our tree I inadvertently shout, “Hi, Christmas tree!”  <3
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