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Here’s a little casual weekend look for ya.  I forgot to post these pictures a few weeks ago when I wore this to a baseball game.  (If you’re wondering why I’m not wearing team colors, it’s because we got free box seats to a game with teams that I don’t have strong attachments to.  Still fun, though.)  The last time I showed this tee was with two outfits (seen here), one super casual and one a little more spruced up.  I really love graphic tees, and I was trying to stay away from them because I went overboard with them at one point.  But sometimes I can’t fight this feeeeeling anymore!  (REO Speedwagon, anyone?)  Graphic tees are just way too easy that I can’t stay away.  They’re not “just like t-shirts,” they ARE t-shirts, just with some character.  Talk about an easy way to spruce up casual, yeah?

I particularly love number 4 below.  Adorable!

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