For the Kiddos

Top: Target  |  Vest: Old Navy (shop)  |  Jeans: NY&Co.  |  Wedges: Target (shop)  |  Necklace: Nordstrom

This is one of my kid-friendly outfits.  When I know I’m going to be around kids I definitely avoid silk and other nice fabrics.  I don’t know how some moms like Van can wear silk around kids.  You brave, brave souls.
I was eating chips and guacamole with a 3 year old girl.  The little one, full of ambition with eyes bigger than her mouth, scooped her little chip so full of guac that it was overflowing.  “Is your mouth even big enough to chew that?” I asked.  Milking her cuteness, she opened her mouth wide and shoved the chip in as far as it would go.  And yes, she could chew, but only because every time she chewed guac oozed out of her mouth and onto me.  I managed to catch most of the drippings with my hands, but my pants and my shirt also participated.  And that, friends, is why I do not wear silk around kids.
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