Belt Placements

Belt placements can be subtle changes that make a significant difference.  Typically I would place the belt at the narrowest part of my body, and that spot will be different for every person.  For me, sans baby bump, the narrowest part would be right under my rib cage, a couple of inches below my bust, like in all the pics above.
However, once my bump is bigger (meaning, like after I eat…see this Insta bahaha) that placement doesn’t work well anymore.  Instead I’d place the belt 2 inches higher, directly under my bust and above my baby bump.  If I tried to put it a couple of inches lower in my usual spot under my rib cage, it would cut right across my wide bump which looks weird and unflattering.
Whether you’re pregnant or notbelt placement matters.  The image above is not necessarily the belt guide placement for everyone, since like I said, your most flattering spot will be different for everyone.  It’s just an illustration of the difference placement can make depending on your body.  
If you are not pregnant but have a bit of a tummy that you don’t want to accentuate, try putting the belt right below your bust in addition to using a wider belt to provide more balance.  If your bust is bigger, that will help give some overall balance as well and a skinny belt might be okay.  Lastly, see plus-sized blogger Katie’s tips for belting your curves.
Overall, play with your belt placements and belt widths to get the perfect balance that works for your body! 
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