Announcements: Facebook & Shop My Closet

Two announcements for you today: 1) PMT is finally on Facebook, and 2) I finally listed 13 more items from my closet that need a new home.
Putting Me Together is finally on Facebook!  
The format is such that daily outfit posts will have full text on Facebook as on here, though the posts may be broken up a bit and will only have one picture and no detail shots.  Click over here to the blog if you want detail shots or side angles.  More substantial posts like Shabby to Chic or the shoe inserts posts will *not* have the full posts but just a teaser and a link to the blog, just like in Bloglovin’.  
I’m a *little* slow posting on there (usually no more than a day lagged though).  But if it gets enough traction later on I’ll be quicker with it.
I like having albums to organize images and posts.  Currently there are albums for outfits from 2013, shopping option collages, style tip posts (like Shabby to Chic and shoe inserts), and one piece different ways.
Besides Google Reader shutting down and wanting to provide another way of subscribing, I also like the idea that Facebook can help reach people who don’t even know style blogs exist.  As you guys have picked up, one hope I always carry with this blog is to help make style accessible, especially to people who feel like it’s hard and confusing.  Thanks for those of you who have already been spreading the word!  
I listed a bunch of items in the Shop My Closet section today.  A handful of them are new and have never been worn (shame on me), and a handful more have only been worn a few times (double shame).  But the most shameful part is that I still have more items to list…so stay tuned!
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