About Time

I wore this on Thursday as I ran around Southern California meeting some great people.  First, I FINALLY got to have lunch with Cynthia, one of the creators of Go Chic or Go Home.  With my borderline creepy obsessive love for GCOGH and both Cynthia and I being in Southern California, it was about time.  Because what do you do with creepy obsession?  You turn it into reality, of course.  Totally healthy. 
Anyway, Cynthia is totally as savvy and down to earth as you’d hope she would be, and I’m so glad we got to connect in person.  (BTW, Cynthia started her own food blog called Chic Eats!)
Then, as if that weren’t a great enough day already, I met up for dessert with Sandy from Sandy a la Mode while she was in town for a work trip.  Sandy is upbeat and energetic, just as you would imagine from her blog, and it was refreshing to talk to her about blogging as opposed to other people who are not entrenched in the blog world and give me intrigued looks of suspicion or bewilderment.  Bless their hearts, we are indeed weird.  
All of this kind of created a little itch to have a meet up with any of you who are in SoCal (bloggers and non-bloggers).  No promises, but the itch is there!
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