10 Things I Actually Bought + 10 Highlights from Cyber Week

I hope you had a great weekend! I was with family for several days, and finally in the last day or so I got to sit down and really comb through some of the Cyber Week deals, spend time thinking critically about what’s been sitting in my cart, and hit “purchase” on some things.

There are some GREAT items on sale that you will get TONS of use out of–and those are my favorite to have you focus on during sales. I want you to build a closet full of awesome staples that work in a lot of different outfits!

Today I want to share what I actually bought (which is honestly not that exciting, haha!) in addition to my top 10 favorites that are totally worth checking out on sale to help you build a great wardrobe.


My Top 10 Cyber Week Highlights

First, my top 10 highlights from Cyber Week! I don’t own all of these items (I don’t personally need all of them), but they are GREAT deals for good pieces that are really versatile and can be worn in a lot of different outfits!

  1. Heavyweight Water-Resistant Puffer Jacket 45% off in most colors! 7,500+ reviews and 4.5 stars and water resistant–and it’s only $32.90 on sale! A couple of the colors are not on sale, but most of them are. Available in sizes XS to 6X. If you’re looking for a new jacket that’s affordable and has great reviews, this one is a must-try! My daughter has the kid version and looooves it.
  2. Lightweight Water-Resistant Puffer Jacket – Also 45% off with 14,000+ reviews and 4.5 stars, and also water-resistant. Just $27.40 on sale! This is a GREAT deal for a lighter weight jacket.
  3. Crewneck SweaterSome colors are as low as $16.40, such as grey, olive green, tan, white, black, and others!
  4. Sherpa Zip-Up – I. LOVE. THIS. THING! It’s really, really warm and just $15.99 right now, making it my FAVORITE piece as of late for functionality and value. I love that you can wear this over sweaters and sweatshirts to add that extra layer and stay super cozy. I wear size XS as this runs quite large.
  5. Soft Brushed Oversized Blazer – Reviews say this is soft, comfortable, thicker than they thought it’d be, and warm. It’s really, really cute and 50% off! Available in regular and petite fits.
  6. Chelsea Sweater Blazer– Great for a comfy but polished look–this blazer looks chic but is soft, flexible, and easy to move around in, like a sweater. Available in classic and petite fits and sizes XXS to 3X.
  7. Sweater Blazer – This is similar to the one above but with a bit more of a classic blazer look. Except, again, it’s soft, flexible, and easy to move around in! Available in classic and petite fits and sizes XXS to 3X.
  8. Hooded Water Repellent Jacket – I showed this recently and love it. It has a bib to keep you warmer, is water-resistant, has thumbholes, has straps to carry it on your shoulder to be handsfree when you take it off, and has seams that provide shape and curves so you look less bulky while staying warm! I wear size M as this runs pretty small. Sizing in certain colors are limited, but it’s such a good deal and such a good jacket that I have to mention it anyway!
  9. Straight Leg Corduroys (with stretch!) – These are my favorite non-denim casual pants at the moment! And, you can wear them in some work places where jeans aren’t appropriate but slacks aren’t always required. You can dress them down with a sweatshirt or sweater, but you can also dress them up, as I did in THIS post. These corduroys have STRETCH to make them comfortable, and I love that they are slightly thicker than denim so you stay a bit warmer–and every bit helps sometimes! I wear size 28/6. BTW, only brown LOOKS like it’s on major sale, but when I put another color in the cart and hit “checkout,” the price dropped, so make sure to get to checkout to see if the color you want is on sale! Available in sizes 26 to 33 and regular and petite lengths.
  10. Long Printed Cardigan – A lot of PMTers loved this cardigan, and it’s on major sale. It’s thick and retains shape (so as far as I could tell), and it looks really chic. Find all the listings for straight, petite, and plus sizes, HERE. I wear size S and recently showed it in “Taupe Cheetah.”


10 Things I Personally Bought

Spoiler alert: My personal purchases aren’t that exciting, but here they are in case you’re interested! I have been planning and curating my winter wardrobe for a while (especially since behind the scenes I have been working on the winter capsule wardrobe for the PMT Style Club), but I have a few holes in my closet that I have been trying to fill and also want to update some pieces. So, here are a few things I purchased!

  1. Banana Republic Factory Sneakers – I love the retro sneaker vibe right now. A while ago I bought a cute pair from Target (which are now sold out), but they have more tan in them, and I want a white pair as well. Plus, I definitely feel the difference in Target shoes compared to other brands. I got these Banana Republic Factory sneakers for like $27, and with shipping and return shipping being FREE, I figured why not try them? I don’t know how much better the quality will be since Banana Republic Factory isn’t exactly known for shoes, but I’m guessing/hoping it’s better than Target’s.
  2. Banana Republic Factory Slippers – Been looking for new slippers, so I threw these into my order as well! Sizing was weird and ambiguous, so I got two sizes and hopefully one of them works. BTW, you get free shipping on orders $50+ and free return shipping on all orders, so it’s very convenient and easy to shop online here! Just sign in with the *same* login that you sign in with your Old Navy account to access the free shipping.
  3. Plush Crewneck Sweater – I’ve been looking for a new casual black sweater. This sweater has no reviews, but since shipping and return shipping are free, I might as well order it. I mean, it has “plush” in its name–how could I resist?
  4. Cozy Shaker-Stitch Pullover Sweater – Additionally, I ordered this sweater in black while it’s 50% off! Hopefully either this one or the one above works out. I ordered it in red as well just to try it on–I don’t have a lot of red (not maroon) in my wardrobe as I don’t always love it against my skin, but I would like a casual sweater for the holidays! I like that this red is warmer, so I hope that works out.
  5. Thermal Raglan Knit Henley – Reviews say this is soft, warm, cozy, and comfortable, so let’s see if they’re right!
  6. Plaid Flannel Scarf – I haven’t worn a scarf in quite a while, but now that I live in a colder area, I’d like to get a couple to update my scarf collection. At 50% off, let’s do it.
  7. Chelsea Boots – These have a really high and narrow shaft, so they could be a great option for straight leg jeans–if they’re comfortable! Good casual boot option.
  8. Straight Leg Corduroys (with stretch!) – the ones I shared above! I own them in brown, so I ordered maroon since I like the brown ones so much. Not totally sure if I’ll keep the maroon, but I will play around with them and other items in my closet to evaluate!
  9. Skip Hop Suitcase – Our kids REALLY want suitcases to play with. They pretend to go on trips allllll the time, so I haven’t wanted to spend $50+ for a suitcase they would only play with. (We wouldn’t actually use the suitcases for travel so a higher cost isn’t a great investment for us–it’s just too many pieces of luggage to worry about when we could consolidate everything for our family of 5 into our two big suitcases.) This one is super cute and on sale for $24.50!!!
  10. Lined Midweight Puffer – for 2y/o Aiden, who refuses to wear anything except his black jacket that is two sizes too small. 😂 Hope this works! If not, I hope he finds this heavyweight jacket that I bought as an alternative to be enticing.

That’s it! Perhaps I’ll find a few more things through out the day, but for the most part, I feel like my winter wardrobe is in a pretty good place and I don’t need a whole lot.

BTW if you want a plan to shop smartly and strategically and to be able to do MORE with LESS clothes, grab one of the Winter Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides! They’ll help you build a wardrobe, simply, smartly, and with focus so that you can have a highly versatile wardrobe without having to spend a fortune on a lot of clothes. Check them out, HERE.

Remember, you can check out my entire Cyber Week Monday roundup in last week’s blog post, HERE!

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