NSale Public Access NOW OPEN – Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hey, hey!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to EVERYONE, whether you have a Nordstrom card or not!  (Starts at 9:30am PST!) If you’ve been eyeing anything, NOW👏🏼IS👏🏼THE👏🏼TIME! Get the BP oversized cardigans in every color, the Wit and Wisdom bootcut jeans, Gibson twist fleece, and all those good fall staples.  Today I’m sharing the best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale–my favorites plus a few new finds in the Accessories section below. I’ve mentioned lots of products this week,…

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How to Make Cute Outfits In the Summer When You Can’t Layer

How to Make Cute Summer Outfits When It's Crazy Hot

I’ve been asked a LOT how to have interesting and cute outfits in the summer when it’s too hot to layer and you can’t work with as many pieces.  Summer style doesn’t have to be hard, IF you have the right pieces!  I find I need to change my outfit strategy the most in the summer compared to all other seasons, and once I do, summer style becomes pretty effortless.  Today I’m sharing how I approach my summer wardrobe and…

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NSale Try-Ons #2: Boots and Booties, Casual Tops, Jeans, and Jackets

It’s round two of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale reviews!  If you missed my first round of reviews, catch them HERE.  I’m still waiting for a few items from my order to arrive, but I do have lots of boots for you today! I told Katie and Heather yesterday that I feel like I’m at a point with this sale where I’ve sifted through lots and have been able to excavate the gold.  There are some items that I just LOVE and…

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