Three Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping to Build a Versatile Wardrobe

How to Think Through Clothing Items When Shopping

You know I am ALL about having a closet full of clothes that are versatile and can be worn in a lot of different ways. I really want you to be able to maximize the pieces you buy so that you can make more outfits with less clothes. When you build a versatile wardrobe, it saves you money, reduces clutter in your wardrobe, and allows you to put together outfits more easily—all of which are major positives! I want you…

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25 Gift Ideas for Guys – My Husband’s Favorite Items and More

Gifts for Him for the Holidays Practical

If there’s one thing to know about my husband Benson, it’s that he’s pretty picky about his stuff. He researches the heck out of things and scrutinizes his purchases. For today’s gift guide, I’m sharing some of his very favorite things that make great gifts for guys in your life (and for anyone, really—I use a lot of these products as well)! I also added a few of PMT teammate Ceci’s husband’s favorite items as well as a few that…

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10 Things I Actually Bought + 10 Highlights from Cyber Week

I hope you had a great weekend! I was with family for several days, and finally in the last day or so I got to sit down and really comb through some of the Cyber Week deals, spend time thinking critically about what’s been sitting in my cart, and hit “purchase” on some things. There are some GREAT items on sale that you will get TONS of use out of–and those are my favorite to have you focus on during…

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