PMT Top 10 Bestsellers in September – COMFY and AFFORDABLE!

PMT Top Sellers in September - COMFY and AFFORDABLE!

Hey, hey!  Soooo, it’s halfway through October, and I’m posting a roundup with “September” in the title.  But, there were so many good comfy and affordable fall clothes from September that I have to highlight! These are the items that fellow PMTers have been loving the most from September!  Best news is that almost all of them are ridiculously comfortable, and most of them range from $4.79 to $31.  Everything is $56 or under with current sales, including the sneakers…

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How to Wear a Plaid Blazer Two Ways: Casual and Work

Plaid blazers are coming in hot this fall!  A plaid blazer is a fun statement pieces, and when you pair it with basics, it magically elevates those basics from boring to chic.  That’s the beauty of a statement piece!  Today I want to show you two ways to wear a plaid blazer and how it instantly kicks those basics up a few notches. There are lots of plaid blazers out there at all different price points right now, from around…

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5 Ways to Wear an Oversized Cardigan This Fall

Huge thanks to Nordstrom and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post! It should be no surprise that one of my MUST-HAVE pieces for fall is an oversized cardigan.  My favorites are by BP. from Nordstrom, which you’ve heard me talk about for years and have seen in a million of my outfits.  They go with almost anything!  What I love about these is how well they drape, making outfits chic and relaxed at the same time.  They are the key to…

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