How to Fill Your Closet With Clothes That Actually Fit

How to find jeans that fit perfectly

When you shop, do you have a hard time finding clothes that actually fit and look good on you? It’s one thing to know what kinds of clothes work for your Body Shape and Style Personality, but it’s a whole other thing to FIND clothes that follow those guidelines and actually FIT you! In the recent free masterclass I hosted, I shared about how knowing Style Foundations, which I teach inside of my online course Simply Put Together, will make…

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Simply Put Together is NOW OPEN! (for a Limited Time)

Have you ever wished you could open your closet, LOVE what you saw, and create cute outfits from it effortlessly, everyday? Most people spend a lifetime being frustrated with their wardrobes, collecting a bunch of new clothes and style tips to try to solve the problem, but ending up back in the same cycle of closet frustration. On the flip side, other people seem to have mastered the ability to whip up outfits and make style look so easy. The truth…

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3 Most Important Keys to Unlock Effortless Style Reminder

Just want to remind you that next week I’m hosting a FREE masterclass with The 3 Most Important Keys to Unlock Effortless Style! If you want to know the path to TRULY loving your wardrobe AND feeling like style is EFFORTLESS everyday (not just once in a while), join me! I’ve heard from SO. MANY. OF. YOU. over the years about how you are STILL frustrated with your wardrobes, despite following PMT and other style blogs for a long time. And…

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