Daily Outfits #41: Outfits for Early Summer and June Gloom + Summer Outfit Guide Available!🎉

Summer Outfits: Early Summer and June Gloom

Hi!  Today I’ve got a mix of outfits for June Gloom and early summer that I’ve been showing on Instagram (@puttingmetogether) and Facebook! For some of you it’s blazing hot, but where I live, May and June weather can be a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s cooler here in May than it is in the fall, and at least half of June is marked with gloomy skies. Here’s what I’ve been wearing through it all! I post outfits on both Instagram and…

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REMIX: Four Summer Outfits With Linen Pants

Hey, hey!  In honor of the newly released Summer Outfit Guide, today I’ve got a fun little remix for you showing four summer outfits with linen pants!  (See more details about the Summer Outfit Guide HERE.) In the capsule wardrobe for the Summer Outfit Guide, I show linen pants in olive, coral, and this mustardy tan.  The thing is, I only show outfits with the olive and coral pairs, saying that this tan pair can be swapped in for most…

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe + Summer Outfit Guide NOW AVAILABLE!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Casual and Comfortable

YESSSSSSSS, if you’re ready for summer style, I’ve got two exciting things for you! Today I’m sharing my summer capsule wardrobe, AND I’m excited to tell you that its corresponding Summer Outfit Guide is NOW AVAILABLE!  In the Summer Outfit Guide I put these pieces into 70+ outfits for Everyday Casual style, Weekend looks, and Dressy Casual occasions. More info below!   THE CAPSULE WARDROBE This is a colorful, casual summer wardrobe with pieces that are comfy, relaxed, and really…

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