Style Upgrade Session – Behind the Scenes Creating Professor Outfits for PMT Member Jessica

Want to sit in on a mini 1:1 style session for a fellow PMTer? We recently did Style Upgrade sessions for three of our PMT Style Club members, and I want to share a sneak peek of the session we did for one of our members, Jessica! In the PMT Style Club, we focus on helping members cultivate their own personal styles, and since many of you are trying to find or update your style, I thought it’d be helpful…

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Elevated Casual Tops to Get Ready for Spring + 15% OFF

Huge thanks to Kohl’s for sponsoring this post If you’re dreaming of spring this time of year, come with me and talk spring style! I know you’re looking for elevated casual tops that are a step up from t-shirts but are not as dressy as blouses. I found several that are SO GOOD and will be great for spring, and I’m partnering with Kohl’s to bring them to you! Plus, they’re ON SALE for 15% off with code YOUSAVE15 until…

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4 Things to Focus On So That You Love All Your Clothes

4 Things to Focus On So You Love All Your Clothes

When you look in your closet, do you love pretty much everything in there, or do you have a lot of clothes that you pass by each morning and end up wearing the same old stuff? I want to make sure your wardrobe is working for you instead of against you. I want you to enjoy what’s in your closet instead of continuing to waste money on clothes you don’t want to wear. So, let’s talk through four things to focus…

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