Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Style Help: 3 Ways to Wear a Striped Blazer

I was pretty much avoiding the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale until Jean from Extra Petite did me in.  She posted this grey and white striped knit blazer, which filled my eyes with tiny little cartoon hearts, and then I was done for.    

Target had a similar blazer, which is now only available in sizes 12/16/18, and its original price at $35 is extremely comparable to the Nordstrom blazer which is $39 on sale.  I have a black and white striped knit blazer that I like a lot, but I've also wanted a light grey one as it's not as harsh as black and white.  Knit blazers are amazing too because they feel like sweatshirts but are so, so, so much more polished.  Also, sometimes people write telling me they like the look of blazers but don't need to be that "professional" looking.  This is another reason why a knit blazer is amazing.  The sweatshirt-like material is great for not seeming too over dressed, but if you pair it with the right things it can still look somewhat professional

I ordered this one from Nordstrom and am waiting for it to be delivered.  And, two huuuuuge thumbs up for Nordstrom's free shipping and free returns!  

Clearly I'm excited about this blazer because I whipped up a post on its behalf!  Below I created 3 looks, taking this blazer from work to casual to a night out.

Outfit 1 - Office
Pair a white tee with a khaki skirt and complete it with the striped blazer for an office look.  I love that the color palette is on the softer side, so I added pops of coral/pink to keep things lighter.  If you're not into pink flats, you could easily do a neutral tan or brown shoe to polish off the look.  

I've been seeing this pencil skirt at Target and keep wanting to try it.  I can't try it on until I can fit into normal clothes again, so I hope it's still around by then!  Anyone have it?  Thoughts?  

Shop Outfit #1:
Blazer: Nordstrom
Skirt: Target
Necklace: Forever 21

Outfit 2 - Errands & Hanging Out
Here's a laid back, yet pulled together look for errands, hanging out, or bustling around town.  Boyfriend jeans relax the look, and a pop of color in the tank keeps it upbeat!  

Shop Outfit #2:
Blazer: Nordstrom
Tank: Old Navy
Boyfriend Jeans: Target
Shoes: H&M

Outfit 3 - Going Out
I paired the blazer with a dress and pale pink and gold accessories.  I chose a metallic sandal with only a slight wedge that might as well be a flat to keep it a little more low key.  I personally don't have super fancy date nights, but if you do, you could easily take this up a notch with some killer heels.

Let's talk about this dress for a sec.  It comes in 4+ colors and is currently on sale for 50% off!!!!  It looks sooooo comfy but has nice draping and details which give it something extra--but at the price of a plain jersey dress at this sale price.  It also has has great reviews online and can definitely be dressed up or dressed down.  You could totally pair this with fancier jewelry and heels for a wedding or dress it down with sandals.  

Shop Outfit #3:
Blazer: Nordstrom
Dress: LOFT (sale for 50% off!)
Shoes: Target

I personally can't wait to try this blazer once it arrives!  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Wear

Often over the weekend I'll wear the same thing because...who cares?  Plus, summer heat + last few weeks of pregnancy + limited wardrobe = ultra not caring.  This was my weekend outfit for Saturday errands and a Sunday after-church bbq.  

Even though I've got about 3 weeks left (yikes!) I bought these shorts and I'm SO GLAD.  I've been ridiculously hot this summer thanks to the constant bun in the oven and I only had one pair of shorts, which are patterned.  I desperately needed a solid pair of shorts to make it through this last month, and thank God Target pulled through. 

Besides the panel being decently comfortable, the shorts themselves have some stretch to them which makes them pretty dang comfortable for denim shorts.  

Let me just say I nailed this weekend.  I've had a to-do list for baby stuff staring me down for a couple of weeks and I tackled it all.  Holler if you know how good of a feeling that is! 

Links to Shop:
one ($4!)  |  two ($6!)  |  three
four  |  five

Shop for the Look:
Top: Old Navy Maternity (exact--30% off sale everything online until tomorrow!, similar non-maternity)
Shorts: Target Maternity (exact, low panel version, non-maternity option--sale for $15)
Necklace: Forever 21 (exact)
Shoes: Target (exact, similar)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact)

*Bump status: 37 weeks

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Win ANY Item from Papelline! (open int'l)

This week you've got a chance to win ANY item of your choice from Papelline!  Papelline is a cute little Etsy shop run by Mina.  Her jewelry has simple and clean designs that are affordable, really easy to appreciate, and even easier to wear!  Aren't they cute?

Enter through the Rafflecopter below!  And get 15% off your order with code PMT15 through August.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Shopping Help: Dotty

Last week's Shopping Help stripe obsession was daring me to do one on polka dots.  I couldn't pass on that challenge, especially since polka dots have probably grown to be my second favorite pattern!

I used to think I wasn't "girly" enough of a dresser to pull off polka dots, but like most of my strange assumptions, I was wrong.  There are so many different types of polka dots (size, color, how far apart they are, etc.) as well as so many different silhouettes the garment can come in that I was silly to ever doubt there would be some out there for me.  

Here are a ton of fun options from Old Navy, Kohl's, ModCloth, Choies, and Forever 21.  Most are under $30-35 with the exception of a couple.  Many are under $20!

White & Black:  Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3
Standard white with black polka dots make a great closet basic.  Above are a few different silhouettes, from more structured to looser to one with more details, but they all can be remixed over and over and over and over!  (See the ways I've worn mine here.)  

Notes: Options 1 and 3 come in a black base too.

Reds & Blushes:  Option 4  |  Option 5  |  Option 6
Let's deviate a little from a typical black and white look.  These blouses all toggle the line between being able to be dressed down as well as be made appropriate for work!  Pair easily with your favorite jeans and flats for casual, or pair with a skirt or work pants for an office look.  

Notes: Option 4 comes in white/black too.  Option 6 comes in 3 colors.

Sweaters & Dresses:  Option 7  |  Option 8  |  Option 9
Sweaters and dresses!  Don't kill me for mentioning fall in July, but I'm pretty sure you won't be sorry about a polka dot sweater.  Especially that beautiful gold/cream #8!  The dress can be worn for the rest of the summer or paired with boots and tights in the fall (and a mustard cardigan).

Notes: Option 8 comes in black/white too.

Skirts:  Option 10  |  Option 11  |  Option 12
Polka dot skirts!  These are all fun and a little flowy, but the dots are small so the pattern is subtle and can easily transition through different scenarios.  You can also wear all of these with sandals and a tee in the summer or boots, tights, and a cozy sweater come fall.

Scarves:  Option 13  |  Option 14  |  Option 15
Lastly, scarves.  I don't know what to say about this except, "SO CUTE!"  :)

Note: Option 15 comes in three colors (white/black and light blue/white) and is like $3 (!!!!!) with its current sale!

Um, I'm pretty sure #15 needs to come live at my house.  #amiright?

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