Friday, September 19, 2014

Workout Gear Overhaul

I'm about 4 weeks postpartum and my body has bounced back much, much quicker than I anticipated. I only have 5 lbs of pregnancy weight left to lose (in large part thanks to a modified version of Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Diet, which has been Benson's and my diet for the last 3 and 2 years respectively). BUT one of my major fitness goals post pregnancy isn’t just to lose pregnancy weight, it's to TONE my body and be in better shape than I was even before I was pregnant.

Now that I'm living the new mom life working out is proving to be tougher than I thought. That's why I'm excited for a couple of things: 1) getting new workout clothes and 2) teaming up with Jawbone to utilize the new UP24 to help kick me into gear!

Towards the end of pregnancy, out of the entire world of non-maternity clothes on the horizon, what I looked forward to the most was WORKOUT GEAR. What?  Yep.  No joke.

Clothes can really affect your mind and emotions, and I had an itch for colorful (but not too crazy) workout clothes to energize me for a new workout regime.  Below are the pieces I’m finally gonna try:

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three  |  four
five  |  six  |  seven
eight  |  nine  |  ten  |  eleven

Now, for the other half of my fitness motivation: the Jawbone UP24.  (Number 6 shown above.)

First of all, let me say I know I don't usually talk about non-style things here except maybe on weekends, but I took on this collaboration for a number of reasons: 1) I was going to do a workout clothes post regardless and this fit right in, 2) many, MANY people commented on how I was or wasn't gaining weight during and after pregnancy and I don't want you all thinking that I didn't have to work hard to stay healthy or that you can't do it too, 3) I'm a long time user of the Jawbone UP so I got excited at the opportunity.  Can you blame a sister?

SO, the UP.  I had the old version of the Jawbone UP for 1.5 years.  It's a fitness tracker that gives you great insight to your movement and overall health throughout the day.  It tracks your step count and sleep and allows you to log workouts and meals.  It also gives you great little stats, recipes, or interesting health/mind/body facts which I look forward to each day.

Having the UP motivated me to hit a fitness goal of 10,000 steps each day, or the equivalent of 4.5 miles.  The UP was a constant reminder to get up and move, and the fact that something was actively tracking my activity, or lack thereof, was motivation I needed.  Plus, all my UP friends could see my progress so I felt even more accountable.  I established such great habits of walking throughout my day that once I got pregnant I seamlessly continued them throughout pregnancy which helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy weight gain.

(My healthy weight gain was NOT because I'm one of the lucky ones who just doesn't gain weight no matter what.  I moved a lot thanks to the Jawbone UP and tried to eat well with the modified Slow Carb sweets.  Ha.)

my UP progress in the past

The other side of pregnancy has been a different story.  Fatigue and the need to heal from labor got me out of my walking groove, but with my new UP24 I'm already back in it!  I wore it for the first time earlier this week and hit 10,000 steps immediately--something I was definitely NOT doing since giving birth.  Beyond getting my step count back up, my new goal is for the UP24 to motivate me to do strength training workouts.  And to actually get the workout clothes.  Can't forget the excuse to shop!  ;)  Wish me luck!

Read more about the Jawbone UP24 AND see all the pretty colors it comes in here.

What motivates YOU towards your fitness goals?  

Also, I'm *just* starting to explore the world of workout clothes, which is why they're basically all from Old Navy.  Any suggestions for other workout clothes?  (INEXPENSIVE ONES, please! :) )

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Accessorizing All Solids with Ooh Baby Designs + GIVEAWAY!

Over the years I've definitely learned to appreciate the power of both solid pieces and of accessorizing.  Solids don't have to be boring, which is what I used to think.  One way to spice up plain pieces is by adding a little necklace, a scarf, a colorful shoe, a statement bag, or all of the above.  A simple addition can take an outfit from plain to something worth talking about. 

Today I'm collaborating with Ooh Baby Designs, using some of their accessories to spice up outfits made of all solid pieces.

Ooh Baby Designs is an Etsy shop filled with colorful handmade bags, very affordable scarves in tons of patterns and colors, and even home goods.  And you can monogram a lot of the items to personalize them even more.

Same Scarf Two Ways

Top: gift  |  Jeans: Target (similar, similar)  |  Shoes: Target (similar, similar)  |  Bag: Nordstrom (exact)  |  Scarf: c/o Ooh Baby Designs

Usually when I think "solids" I think "neutrals" as well, but they don't always go hand in hand.  This outfit utilizes neutrals and color.  The top and jeans alone are fine, but I added a cute navy polka dot scarf from Ooh Baby Designs to top off the outfit and pull it all together a little more.  I could also have added this polka dot mustard scarf!

Tee: Everlane (exact)  |  Jacket: c/o Conversation Pieces (similar, similar)  |  Jeans: LOFT (exact)  |  Boots: c/o White Plum (exact, similar)  |  Bag: Nordstrom (exact)  |  Scarf: c/o Ooh Baby Designs

Here's a second look with the polka dot scarf, this time made of all neutral solids.  I think the scarf totally makes the outfit!

Same Bag Two Ways
This bag is pretty easy to wear two ways...because it's REVERSIBLE!  How awesome is that?  It's got a really fun peacock print on one side and a quatrefoil print in navy on the other so you can change it depending on your mood and outfit.  It's also got a few large pockets to help keep you organized.  Apparently teachers love this bag (for good reasons) but it can also be a beach bag or just an everyday tote.

But in honor of the teachers I leaned towards classroom looks for these bags.  I hope I did you teachers proud.  (Added bonus: both looks below also utilize the same white button up!)

Top: c/o Conversation Pieces (similar, similar)  |  Cardigan: Tilly's (similar, similar)  |  Skirt: JCPenney (similar, similar)  |  Shoes: Target (similarsimilar)  |  Bag: Ooh Baby Designs

I mixed a bright blue skirt with mustard and broke up the color blocking a bit with a classic white button up.  The peacock print adds a fun pop to a classroom-ready (or office-ready) look!

Dress: Target (similar, similar)  |  Top: c/o Conversation Pieces (similarsimilar)  |  Shoes: Target (similarsimilar)  |  Bag: Ooh Baby Designs

If you're not feeling the peacock print one day, flip the tote inside out and feature this more neutral quatrefoil print.  It goes great against a blank canvas like a grey t-shirt dress layered over a button up!

And have a chance to win this bag for yourself!  Enter through the Rafflecopter below.

Check out Ooh Baby Designs for some fun printed accessories.  And use code PUTTINGMETOGETHER for 10% off your order!  (not valid on bridal orders)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sale Alert: Macy's VIP Sale - 20% Off!

Last fall...well, last fall didn't really happen.  I thought I'd need new boots since my favorite cognac riding boots are totally dead, but fall and winter were so short last year that I was able to stretch my dead boots to deader than dead.  

HOWEVER, this season's a different story!  Macy's is running their VIP sale riiiight now and I am soooo down to buy boots from Macy's.  I'm teaming up with Macy's to show you what I'm eyeing and some that I'll be trying.  A lot of these are already on sale which makes the EXTRA 20% VIP discount even sweeter.  Ahhhh!

Sale is online from 9/15-9/21.  Get an extra 20% off with code VIP! (some exclusions apply)

Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3
All come in multiple colors (black and other shades of brown).

Option 4
Also in black.  I LOVE the character these buckles provide!

Option 5
If you missed me singing praises about my leopard sneakers, I <3 right now.  These are another great option!

Option 6  |  Option 7
These dresses--one is a classic, tailored basic while the other has cute embroidery.  Both are on major major sale, plus the extra 20% VIP discount.  Crazy!

And if you think the white embroidered dress would only work in spring/summer, think again!  Brown tights and boots with a navy cardigan = perfect for fall.

Option 8
Classic and classy trench!  I ALWAYS want a trench but have below zero need for it in San Diego.  It never stops me from looking, though!

Option 9
Sophisticated animal print top, also on major sale.  Easily pair it with classic neutral trousers or a pencil skirt of any color for an office look, or go with a faux leather jacket and dark wash skinny jeans for going out.

Option 10
I've wanted a skirt this color for a loooooong time, and this one is ponte!  Even better!  Comes in 5 colors, and is also on major sale.

Option 11  |  Option 12  |  Option 13
I'm often asked where I got my cognac leather jacket and am always on the hunt for good, affordable options.  Option 11 is another super sale item.  Option 12 is a little more expensive, but is alllllright price-wise after the VIP discount.  Both come in black.

Option 13 is a cool textured jacket that I *think* is a soft knit type of feel, but I'm not sure since I haven't seen in in person.  Either way, it'll give a lot of character to your outfits!

Remember the sale is online from 9/15-9/21.  Get an extra 20% off with code VIP.

This post was in collaboration with Macy's and PopSugar.  All opinions are mine.  For more info on PMT's sponsor policies see disclosure page.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lace and Cargo

How do you scratch your itch for fall when it's 90 degrees?  Olive cargo shorts in place of a cargo jacket or olive jeans.   Booyah.

I took my first solo trip with Addie in this outfit, sans Benson.  We trekked an entire 8 minute drive to the pediatrician's office.  Do we know how to live it up, or WHAT?  Okay seriously though, I was a little nervous about it, but it went really well.  So well that we stopped by Target on the way home.  (Gotta start 'em on Target young!)  And then, just as I thought we were killing it she completely melted down later that night screaming bloody murder for an inconsolable 20 minutes.  All to our neighbors' delight.

Oh, and I missed the memo about milk collecting in the skin folds under babies' chins.  Only learned about it after Addie's face smelled like rotting cheese for a couple of days.  I asked a friend about it who pointed me to the horror growing in Addie's chin folds.  Pretty much exactly that--rotting, moldy cheese.  #momoftheyear

On that lovely note...ummm, style...?  I'm suuuuper glad to be reunited with one of my all-time favorite pieces, this lace tank.  I can wear it in multiple seasons with more or less layers over it.  Read a little more about why a top like this is awesome in this old post "Shabby to Chic: Buying the Right Pieces" and see the ways I've worn it in the past here.

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six

Shop for the Look:
Top: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Cardigan: Tilly's (similar, similar)
Shorts: Old Navy (exact?, similarsimilar, similar)
Shoes: Target (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (exact--sold out online, maybe in stores)
Bag: c/o Lily Jade (exact) | my review of it here

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