Yes Ma’am


Top: Old Navy
Blazer: Target (shop)
Jeans: New York & Co.
Wedges: Target (shop)

Yay, second outfit of the 30 for 30!  Simple and clean.  It actually amazes me how much something like a blazer can transform a $3 tank top.  All of a sudden I feel so much older and more sophisticated.

Maybe that’s why I was called “Ma’am” again yesterday.  This never happened to me until I turned 28, and though it’s only been a couple months it’s starting to happen all. the. time.  It was like a switch just turned on and everyone started calling me “Ma’am.”  I’ll blame it on the blazer.

Honestly though, in some ways it makes me kind of happy because just a year ago at 27 I was mistaken for a 19 year old.  I’m determined to not have that happen again.  Wish me luck, though, because these Asian genes keep us looking young beyond our years.  No joke, the older my mom gets the younger she looks.  She has special reverse aging genes.  People always say I’ll be thankful for these genes when I’m older, which I have no doubt about.  But for now, I’m on a mission to be called ma’am as many times as possible.  If I need to wear a blazer every single day to make that happen, so be it.  Bring on the blazers.

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